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Pathfinder 6. February 2006 08:58

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5f [14.08.2006]
eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5f


Version 1.5f - Base eMule 47a 14-08-2006

Fixed: Don't remove static servers function bug fixed.
Fixed: Anti-Mod thief bug fix code wasn't intialized! Bug reported by EvolutionCrazy
Fixed: Header View bug fixes for long extentions. Bug reported by Masta2002/elettronvolt
Added: "not A Valid Link" Fix zoom,WiZaRd and CiccioBastardo
Altered: Version 1 ISP_Transversal code updated with optimizes and Updates taken from David Xanatos' NeoMule 5.20a
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5e

Version 1.5e - Base eMule 47a 29-07-2006

Added: Header View+ - Views header of downloading or complete file and attempts identification of the file type.
Added: Don't log filtered messages option - Feature suggested by 9onzalo
Fixed: Stats Screen OnInitDialog TK4 Bug + code optimized
Fixed: A bug that could cause a good server to be removed on connect attemp when TK4 IP Filter update was in progress.
Altered: TK4 Credit System - Optimized /4 replaced with >>2 (result altered slightly)
Added: A couple more >> 1 << 1 optimizes (no change in result)
Added: Wrap around data block request - Fix by Aw3
Removed: Remove 'explict' mode for Neo encryption user options.
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5d

Version 1.5d - Base eMule 47a 08-06-2006

Added: Neo Encryption/ISP Transveral Created by David Xanatos
Added: Antivir Premium v7 support
Fixed: Remove IP Filtered servers bug found by XMan this Fix by SiRoB
Fixed: Fix Unable To Open Completed File After Rename... - Fix by SiRoB
Fixed: Collection Double Extension, Modifing an already existing one - Fix by CiccioBastardo
Fixed: Advance client regocognition eMule+ 1.2 fix - Fix by Enig123
Fixed: Wasted Ratings Fix, Clients can't "decode" it - Fix by WiZaRd
Fixed: Download Sort Glitchfix - Fix by WiZaRd
Fixed: Memory leak LastCommonRouteFinder - Fix by WiZaRd
Fixed: Emule Forget To Publish Files To Server - Fix by XMan
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5c

Version 1.5c - Base eMule 47a 30-04-2006

Added: Unknown1's new Kad patch
Added: Virus scanner dialog fix by Spe64
Added: Optimize for ReduceAllocatedBlocks() by Wizard
Added: Fix for Statistics Dialog Minor Bug
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5b

Version 1.5b - Base eMule 47a 23-04-2006

Added: Statistics window Functional Enhancements Tagged: [SFE]
Added: [SFE] Scope pane zoom/restore on double left click
Added: [SFE] Context menu for display options: hide/restore scopes, hide/restore stats tree
full height any scope and plot fill options via statistics options.
Added: Fix for Statistic BOOL CStatisticsDlg::OnInitDialog() initial scope positions More...
Added: DL Part completion speed-up code, block size reduction outside DBR range
also improved single block request evaluation.
Improved: DL Part completion speed-up code, 1 block allocation code.
Added: Small Fix Related To Hello-handshake fix - eklmn
Added: Emsocket Multiptach fix - XMan
Added: Check Handshake Finished fix - Wizard
Added: Clientlist & Cpu Optimize - Wizard
Added: Display Fix For Downloadclient Progressbar fix - SiRoB
Added: eMule steals focus fix - raccoonI
Added: Summary not updated after deleting shared file fix - raccoonI
Fixed: Virus scan enable/disable *bug* would change state on cancel
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 1. Wouldn't evaluate files<540 Kb blocks in size
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 2. Would continue to cause re-hash of failed files ,caused by above bug,
instead of using fallback value for failed to evaluate
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 3. Did not check TAG value properly when loading initial value.
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5a

Version 1.5a - Base eMule 47a 15-03-2006

Removed: Dazzle's Faster Endgame
Added : Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests
Added : File ratings bug fix - Aenarion[ITA]
Added : Support for AntiVir version 7 personal edition
Altered: Filename Disparity Check *improved*
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.4h

Version 1.4h - Base eMule 47a 26-02-2006

Added: Always filter IP Filtered Servers!
Added: Remove IP Filtered Servers on connection attempt. (code/idea by Wizard).
Added: Wizards "cleaner" Server Remove function.
Fixed: when using TK4 credit system Show yellow icon only for clients who have positive credit. - Bug found by PluG

Version 1.4g - Base eMule 47a 21-02-2006

Added: lupzz no sleep patch for uploadthrottler.
Fixed: IP filter update to always extract .gz to IPFilter.dat
Added: Permentent search filters (option)(idea by infinitive)
Added: Require 2 bad names before alert FDC (option)
Added: Remove IP Filtered servers (option)
Added: Don't remove static servers (option)(request by niRRity)
Fixed: missing mod version in version name (lost in merge)
Added: Support of Avast! Pro and Home anti-virus (request by niRRity)
Fixed: path bug for eTrust EZ anti-virus
Fixed: improved/fixed anti-virus selection code
Added: Enhanced Client Recognization code by Famerlor from Spike2 Mod
Added: Glitch In Downloadclientsctrl.cpp Fix by Wizard
Added: Gui Bug In Settings Wizard Fix by FrankyFive
Altered: Eastshare credit system now using code from the latest Eastshare (credit system by TAHO)
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.4f

Version 1.4f - Base eMule 47a 04-02-2006

Fixed: Display priority with bullet in conext menu of shared files,(bug introduced in merging)
Added: Unknown1's Kademlia patch GetClosestTo.
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

Pathfinder 27. February 2006 09:18

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.4h

Pathfinder 16. March 2006 10:39

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5a

Pathfinder 23. April 2006 09:11

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5b

Pathfinder 1. May 2006 10:41

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5c

Magoo 3. May 2006 05:36

TK4 v1.5c

probiere seit gestern mal diesen MOD, funzt soweit ganz gut. Allerdings beinhaltet dieser mir bis dato unbekannte Symbole, zum Beispiel ein fettes rotes Fragezeichen vor etlichen Dateien, die ich aus dem ehemaligen Temp-Ordner in TK4 eingefügt habe... (Das Fragezeichen steht noch vor den Ausrufezeichen, die ja für die Bewertung stehen.)
Zunächst dachte ich, er erkennt´s nicht richtig, aber witziger Weise laden diese Dateien trotz des roten Fragezeichens...
Weiß irgendjemand was die Fragezeichen da nun sollen und was sie zu bedeuten haben???


Pathfinder 12. June 2006 07:45

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5d

Pathfinder 30. July 2006 09:57

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5e

Pathfinder 15. August 2006 06:22

Thread aktualisiert auf v1.5f

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