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Myth88 12. April 2010 18:19

eMule v0.50a - Tombstone v2.1 [12.04.2010]
Tombstone v2.1

Tombstone is now based upon eMule v0.50a including all important updates/fixes that version offers.
This version includes the ClientAnalyzer 1.5, VQB fullchunk system and modstring support ONLY - NOTHING MORE!
That's the perfect version to check out or to base your mod upon if you want to use the CA.
The code is also much cleaner and easier to port/integrate to your own language/mod.
I want to thank all testers and as always ***********.eu for its support.
Below is the changelog for your reference ;)



Source Code (for developers)
DiFF source code (please note that that's a plain diff to v0.50a - NOT the full source code!)

Full source code

Have fun and stay clean!

PS: A final word to those guys stealing and offering beta versions:
I don't mind if you host my files on your leecher site, I even welcome this step as it might help waking up some of your leecher visitors... BUT please do NOT host beta versions! They might be buggy and I don't want my users to run into trouble because of that. Also, do NOT steal my traffic! Other than that: have fun!

Changelog v2.1:

Changelog FiNaL:
Removed unnecessary user limitation that prevented downloading files in the default cat alphabetically
MetaDataDlg is now added on-the-fly when you change the ext controls pref setting
Fixed localization bug in shared files window
Fixed official bugs in indexed.cpp

Changelog Beta1:
Update to eMule v0.50a
Changed max upload from SESSIONMAXTRANS to PARTSIZE

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