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Stulle 11. March 2011 22:52

eMule 0.50a ScarAngel v4.2 [22.06.2011]
Liebe Kunden,

ich freue mich Ihnen eine neue und verbesserte Version von ScarAngel zu bringen. Es scheint, dass unsere hart arbeitenden Entwickler bei der letzten Veröffentlichung zu viel Spaß gehabt haben. Aber haben Sie keine Angst, diese Tage sind vorbei! Von nun an gibt es keinen Spaß mehr im Reich von ScarAngel Industries Ltd.!
Diese Veröffentlichung wird einige Dinge anders machen um zu vermeiden, dass verschiedene Threads die Upload Liste verändern. Wir hoffen, dass dies die Stabilität für Sie, unsere geschätzten Kunden, verbessert. Zusätzlich gibt es auch zwei kleine GUI Annehmlichkeiten. Wie immer, sehen Sie ins Changelog für mehr.


eMule v0.50a ScarAngel v4.2:
- 22.06.2011 -
based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 compiled with vs2010 SP1

Changed: Pause UBT when moving down slots in upload [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Schedule blocking clients for removal [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Schedule clients for moving down [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Show ModID in systray dialog sidebar [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Display ratio activation in WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle

Fixed: Potential NULL-pointer bugs in Upload Bandwidth Throttler [Stulle] - Stulle

Note: The schedule changes will delay removal of blocking or moving down clients so the action will
be done when going through the uploading sockets the next time to avoid exceptions due to
changes in the upload list done by another thread while going through the sockets.
Download (installer und bin):
ScarAngel Homepage

Ihnen treu ergeben, Stulle :)


Ältere Changelogs:

eMule v0.50a ScarAngel v4.1:
- 01.06.2011 -
based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 compiled with vs2010 SP1

Added: Some more icons in DownloadListCtrl context menu [SiRoB] - Stulle
Added: "No to all" option for backup nagging dialog in Backup window [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Downloading Chunk Detail Display (idea for usage in DlClients by JvA) [SiRoB] - Stulle
Added: Uploading Chunk Detail Display [SiRoB/Fafner] - Stulle
Added: Display remaining upload time (estimation!) [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Option to optimize mod GUI addons & more feature optimization for NT Service [Stulle] - Stulle
+ CPU/MEM information, TBH: MiniMule, Toolbar Speedmeter, Show queue count/progress bar
Added: requpfile optimization [SiRoB] - Stulle

Changed: Download icons in SearchListCtrl context menu [SiRoB] - Stulle
Changed: Backup dialog strings can now be localized [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Show Client UL and DL in Transferred column of DownloadListCtrl [SiRoB] - Stulle
Changed: Show all clients that are not banned in On Queue list of WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Display if a client has credits in On Queue list of WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Hide file names in Multi WebInterface if file shared in unaccessable cat [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Do not allow downloading of files with hidden file name in WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Clipboard ed2k link file watch now queues into category selection [leuk_he] - Stulle
Changed: Displayed ed2k link list in category selection can be scrolled through [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Allow incoming folder of default cat to be customized [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Show cat name for scheduler cat actions [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Cat related scheduler items are added with -1 (All) value [Stulle]
Changed: Open Incoming Folder Fix for incoming folders of categories [CommanderGER] - Stulle
Changed: Rewrote the code determining if a NTService optimization should be done [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Add superior clients after last superior client in upload [Stulle] - Stulle
+ Until now superior clients were added in first position, regardlessly
Changed: Move Superior clients down in upload when they hit a chunk border [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Do not display PowerShare or Fair Play for bad clients [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Scale both upload and download to max in speed graph of TBH MiniMule [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Display if client is superior in WebInterface and sort accordingly [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Optimized code that checks if sup clients are on queue [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Stop searching for sup clients on queue if one was found [Stulle] - Stulle
+ concerns: Keep Sup clients in up if there is no other sup client in queue
Changed: Take sup state into account when retrieving queue rank of enqueued clients [Stulle] - Stulle

Fixed: On setting new Friendslots via WebInterface old Friendslots were not removed [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Potential NULL-pointer around TBH: MiniMule in TrayDialog [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: MiniMule did not open when minimizing to tray with Static Tray activated [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: SOTN could be activated for partfiles when enabled in preferences [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: FairPlay was displayed for partfiles in Upload List [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: WebServer progress text did not work when file completed [Stulle] - Stulle

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; French [jamjam]; Spanish [Rajil/mself563];
Italian [xilolee/EvolutionCrazy]; Turkish (partially) [omeringen]

eMule v0.50a ScarAngel v4.0:
- 11.03.2011 -
based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.0 compiled with vs2010 SP1
Merged to eMule v0.50a [Stulle]
Updated with code from zz_fly's Xtreme

Added: Possibility to directly add incoming of removed cat to shared folders [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Queue progress bar in Webserver (not in Light) [unknown/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: File Percentage in title of progress images in WebServer [unknown/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: More advanced official settings [Stulle] - Stulle

Changed: Reworked coloring of windows (fixes some tab controls on Vista/7) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Grouping of advanced official settings [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Refined dislpaying reasons for download limits in StatusBar [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Auto join Morph IRC help channel [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Improved picking correct download limit [Stulle] - Stulle
+ Might be a little more restrictive but is is also cleaner

Fixed: Reboot in webserver invoked shutdown instead of reboot [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: TxtEditor option in Advanced Preferences [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Setting HOS was cancled when setting remained unchanged for one file [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Minor display bug around default for PowerShare limit [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: AutoUpdateIP2Country differed on loading and saving preferences [jerryBG] - Stulle
Fixed: Localization of ScarAngel Settings was incomplete [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Bad graph label display when Source Graph was disabled [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Crashfix for reloading share via ASFU under certain circumstances [WiZaRd] - Stulle
Fixed: Current window was not entirely redrawn on changing window color [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: DLP version number was not updated on manual update in settings [Stulle] - Stulle

Removed: New official Ask-On-Exit Dlg in favor of ScarAngel one (NTService) [Stulle] - Stulle

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; French [jamjam]; Spanish [Rajil/mself563];
Italian [xilolee/EvolutionCrazy]; Turkish (partially) [omeringen]
Note: Added existing Czech ScarAngel translations to Czech translation file

Pan Tau 11. March 2011 23:31

Sehr geehrter Herr .... ;-)
Wenn die Mod so gut ist wie Ihre Worte zur Markteinführung derselben werden die bis hier verbliebenen Konkurrenten wohl endgültig vom Markt verschwinden hochverehrter Stulle!

Pan Tau

Stulle 12. March 2011 08:21

Da würde sich unsere Marketingabteilung freuen, wenn doch unsere Teilzeitentwickler nicht so sehr..

Stulle 1. June 2011 21:17

neue version da! (thread titel... jemand?)

Myth88 1. June 2011 23:57


Miotto 6. June 2011 12:50

Hi, im new here and as a new user of eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1, i read about this mod and looks like this is an updated program, for xtreme 8.1. i need to download only the binaries to update, since my xtreme 8.1 is running perfect? Or i need download complete ScarAngel v4.1 and do all configs again?


(sorry, my english and german is not my primary language, but im think i made myself clear enough :whistle)

omeringen 6. June 2011 18:14

There is no update, mods work standalone. Download Binaries~Bin pack, copy and overwrite all the content to your current eMule dir(like "D:\eMule" etc. . .). In this way, you will switch your mod to ScarAngel. Same way works for official eMule and other mods.

Miotto 6. June 2011 21:43


Zitat von omeringen (Beitrag 147561)
There is no update, mods work standalone. Download Binaries~Bin pack, copy and overwrite all the content to your current eMule dir(like "D:\eMule" etc. . .). In this way, you will switch your mod to ScarAngel. Same way works for official eMule and other mods.

Just asked cause of "based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 compiled with vs2010 SP1". :yes:

Stulle 7. June 2011 07:58

that refers to the codebase used for the development of this mod.

Stulle 22. June 2011 21:29

neue version da!

PS: Threadtitel.

Januar1956 18. February 2012 14:51

eMule 0.50a ScarAngel v4.2

Knapp 10.000 akzeptierte Uploads (9.967) :clap


dj3 9. December 2012 11:09

wird es noch weiterntwickelt oder ist es eingeschlaffen

Stulle 11. December 2012 05:52

Ist geplant in absehbarer Zeit weiter zu machen.

amatus 17. April 2013 17:33

Hello Stulle!
Thank you for this great mod! How about updating?

dj3 30. August 2014 12:26

schade das es zu stilstand gekommen ist die weiter endwickling

und wo gibtes neue links zb zu emfrinds zb

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