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Anonymous 27. March 2003 20:42

HINT: Getting Better, Faster Answers to Your Questions
Hallo zusammen ... ich weiss der ganze Post ist englisch, aber da sollten
wir ja alle kein Problem haben denke ich :-)
Der Post ist "geklaut" aus den Foren von java.sun.com (für hier leicht
Aber das lesen lohnt ...
Wenn nicht ... Tonne :-)

Have fun reading ....
Greetz Zool 8)

of messages to see if someone else has posted a question similar to
yours. Sometimes the subject titles are not terribly descriptive (see next
item), but check ´em out anyway - the more people that have to deal
with non-descriptive subject titles, the more likely we are to reach
a "critical mass" where everybody develops the good habit of using
descriptive subject titles.

Then, particularly if you are in a hurry - like, if you were thinking of
using any of the words "Urgent", "ASAP", or "Now!" in your subject title,
use the site´s Search feature to find previous questions and answers
about your topic. There´s a LOT-O-STUFF in there. There are very few
questions you can ask that haven´t been asked before. By using the
search feature, you might find the answer you seek immediately,
without even having to formulate your message, much less having to
return for the replies.
__________________________________________________ __________


Do you use phrases in subject titles like the following:


"Please Help!"


"Can someone help me?"


...and then find they mysteriously go unanswered, or minimally answered?

One thing you can do to increase the likelihood that your questions will be
answered is to provide some key to the topic of your question in the
subject line.

The reason this works, is that many people who are knowledgeable
enough to help are also, coincidentally, working for a living and so often
breeze through the posts doing a quick scan for a post where they can be
of immediate assistance and/or that they are uniquely qualified to answer.

By NOT including a topic-specific subject, you are making it necessary for
them to read the whole message to divine the topic, which they are less
likely to do. Eventually, it will get to the point where posts with non-
descriptive subject lines will simply go unanswered.

A more humorous look at subject lines:

Yeah, like we thought you came here looking to order a pizza on-line.

"HELP!" --
Er, uh, should we call 911?

"URGENT!" --
Gee, everybody else is content to get an answer anytime in the next
decade or so.

"Problem" --
It´s all in your head - see a therapist.

"ASAP" --
As soon as all issues with REAL deadlines are out of the way -
basically, the bottom of the pile.

__________________________________________________ __________


Another hint, regarding the inclusion of "URGENT" and "ASAP" in your
posts, bear in mind that your emergency does not automatically transfer
to whomever might be considering answering your question. The urgent
nature of your problem is just that -- your problem. Including such
phrases can have a negative effect on other´s willingness to participate,
as it begins to come across as a demand, rather than a request. People
generally prefer to be asked, not ordered.

__________________________________________________ __________


And let´s not forget (sometimes not-so) common courtesy. The people
that provide answers here are doing so voluntarily - they are not getting
paid to solve your problem, so demands of immediate response are
inappropriate. And even if respondents were unable to help, but
particularly if they DID, it doesn´t hurt to thank them - honest, it doesn´t -
try it. It´s good manners and it makes the person or people who helped
you feel good and gives them incentive to help you out the next time. And
you can bet your sweet bippy that if you treat people who tried to help
you DISCOURTEOUSLY, you will not receive help from them again -
they´ll remember.
__________________________________________________ __________


Requesting emailing responses or ICQ responses (or any responses other
than replies to the forum) are inappropriate. That´s an extra step for
someone who is already going out of his/her way to help you.

Though there are certain times when a thread strays off topic and should
be taken to private email, maintaining public message exchange via the
forum is encouraged - for the "greater good."

A note of caution: Some of the people who graciously volunteer their
time, here, to answer your questions ALSO do the same - for a living -
on a private basis. It is not fair to expect them to give away, for free, a
service for which they normally charge. Though they may offer to help
you privately for free, if you initiate request for private consultation, you
should not be surprised if they expect to be paid for services rendered
(though most will at least inform you up front that private consultation
invokes a fee). At least, don´t be surprised if it comes up in the

Anonymous 3. April 2003 18:22

... anscheinend wars nicht sonderlich interessant :?
Vielleicht hätte ich mir doch die Mühe machen sollen es auf deutsch zu übersetzen ...
Naja ...

Greetz Zool 8)

NaP 3. April 2003 18:44

kannst gerne machen, wär aber sinnlos.

hint: schau ma in die board regeln

Anonymous 3. April 2003 18:50

die kenn ich schon ... keine Sorge ... :D
Fand den Text halt nur "peppiger" ... aber egal ...

eXodus 4. April 2003 20:47

Er is ned schlecht - er is so "ironisch"

Anonymous 5. April 2003 18:37

seh ich auch so ... vielleicht kapiert so mancher es besser mit viel Ironie :twisted:

Alle Zeitangaben in WEZ +1. Es ist jetzt 17:36 Uhr.

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