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McStouny 2. April 2003 10:57

[Neuer Mod]-eMule 0.27c Khaos 12
Khaotic Statistics and Download Manager v12.0 [K12 eMule 0.27c]

You may be familiar with my statistics "add-on" if you followed the original thread in eMule Development. The reason why it has found a new home here is because the scope of this add-on has increased dramatically since it was first conceived on February 10th, 2003.

This mod has superceded its humble roots as a statistics tree patch. It is now a complete reworking of the statistics window, and it also incorporates my latest side project - The advanced download manager.


Over 100 new and interesting statistics, well organized and easy to navigate.

New layout of the statistics window to make better use of the space allowed.

Customizable connections graph.

Cumulative statistics that are saved to an INI file, so you can track your mule's behavior in the longterm.

The ability to reset and restore cumulative statistics.

Numerous parallel statistics that give us valuable insight into how certain features have effect our mule's behavior and the general performance of the network.

It's pretty!


Using the download manager and all features that have been added is completely optional. If you do so desire, eMule can still behave exactly as it used to while downloading files. Why would you want to do that??

Start Next Paused File When Download Completes now only resumes files from the same category, and it takes our nice new Resume Order modifier into account.

There is a new Resume Order modifier that you can set for every file. This simple integer determines the order in which files of the same category are resumed/downloaded.

The same number of files is always downloading. However many you initially have downloading in a given category will remain constant as long as there are files to resume.

There are numerous tools to make the Resume Order modifier easy to set. In most cases, all it takes to setup a huge series to automatically download is a couple of clicks and a single keypress!

Auto-Increment Selected: This asks you for a non-negative starting number and then sets the first selected file to that number. After that, the number is incremented and the next file is set to the new number, so on and so forth. This works in most cases where a series has uniformly named files and can be sorted using the columns. In case the files are not uniformly named, or are of different type...

Step Through Selected: This option asks you for a non-negative starting number for each file you have selected. The current file name is displayed in the input box, so you're never confused about which file you are setting it for. The default value is whatever the Resume Order Modifier is currently set to for that file, so you can effectively select all the files and just change the ones you need to! This saves us the trouble of right clicking on each file individually. And lastly...

Set All Selected To Value: This allows you to set the Resume Order Modifier of multiple files to the same value with a single operation. This is normally not used, but for example, if you are downloading a group of files that has two *.bin and two *.cue and one *.nfo, you can select all the *.cue and *.nfo files and set them to the same priority (Usually 0). Then set *CD1*.bin to 1 and *CD2*.bin to 2. Resume one of the *.cue files. Now, all the *.cue and *.nfo files will download quickly, and then your mule will start in on the big *.bin files one at a time. See how simple that is? Just make sure each group is in its own category, and you'll get the results you desire!

DownloadList columns for Category and Resume Order so that you can view these values at a glance. You can sort the list by these columns, too!


Can run multiple instances. I find this useful when working on a release so that I can leave my stable mule running while I test another one.
Numerous grammatical fixes and general appearance issues with English text.
Widespread support for new mlDonkey clients. The correct icons are used in the lists, and they are correctly identified in Client Details. Version is not currently supported. Only the fact that they are mldonks and not eMule 0.26's.



Source Code


Elite! 2. April 2003 13:13

Wasn das fürn Mod? Kenn ich gar nicht

Anonymous 2. April 2003 15:21


Zitat von Elite!
Wasn das fürn Mod? Kenn ich gar nicht

tja.... man kann halt net alles kennen.
ansonsten.... sehr sinnvoller beitrag von dir.... machst das in deinem forum auch so??? :lol:

Elite! 2. April 2003 17:45

Ne in meinem Forum is nich so viel los wie hier :D

aber sry war echt nich so nen sinnvoller Beitrag

(man muss nicht alles wissen, man muss nur wissen wo es geschrieben steht!)

Alle Zeitangaben in WEZ +1. Es ist jetzt 18:13 Uhr.

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