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Anonymous 15. July 2003 02:06

eMule 0.29c Stormit 15mkmg [18.07.2003] Updated! NEW VERSION

>> standart Binary <<
>> optimized Binary << NEU!
>> standart Sources <<
>> extra Sources << This includes the libz.lib and the cryptlib.lib needed to compile the B OR C version sources.


Optimizing eMule by Unknown1- Please Read.

Optimizing Emule Please Read for Help with Performance Problems!

All Known Fixes Have Been Applied up to Date.

I briefly try to explain.
This was just my personal version and there were so many changes along the way.
Good Stable version for win98se or me users for now!
1.) All patches and fixes applied up to date if compatible.
2.) Several Small and Rare file Patches Added.
3.) Interface completely redone.
4.) All new Icons, modified by myself.
5.) Added Options:
a.) Defeat super compressed parts
b.) Disable Source Exchanges Between Clients
c.) Auto Add IP-Filter
d.) Auto Take ED2K Links
e.) Close Sends to Tray
f.) Disable Auto Sorting
g.) Allow More than One eMule
h.) Khaos Statisics
g.) Statsistic window completely rearranged.
h.) Maella algorithm is now implimented.
i.) Added some nice new icons.
j.) Features Info: Load / Save /Sources.
User adjustible automatic saving range 1-300 sources.
User adjustible automatic saving amount 1-10 good sources.
Automatic restore sources (not older than 3 days).
Also can be enabled or disabled with checkbox
Also some other minor menu changes
k.) Minimum Queue size change range is from 200 - 5000

Some Option Decriptions:
A.) Defeat super compressed parts:
This option when checked in preferences display tries to stop bad file parts from coming in by blocking them out of the file, to Fight Corruption.

B.) Auto Add IP-Filter:
This option when checked in preferences security just auto loads the bad Ip filter at startup.

C.) Auto Take ED2K Links:
This just make sure on startup again that the button ED2K Links on the preferences general is selected so when you click a file link emule accepts it and is added for download.

NaP 15. July 2003 10:40

changelog? :roll:

Anonymous 20. July 2003 00:59

eine zusätzliche optimierte version ist erschienen

Alle Zeitangaben in WEZ +1. Es ist jetzt 13:13 Uhr.

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