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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 16. December 2005, 05:59   #1
The Machine =)
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MOD Releases: eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a (beta 13)] [15.12.2005] Problem: eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a (beta 13)] [15.12.2005]

eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a (beta 13)]
Release high-lights:
- Sub Chunk Transfer (SCT) allows a client to share downloaded pieces of a part before it has completed. This feature is at the moment however far from complete and only works with NetF 0.3a beta 13 or later betas as sources. It can download crumbs from eDonkeys so it is possible to see the download part it in action even if there is no NetF clients available to download from.

Known issues:
- ED2K link creation doesn't work.

NetF is a Mod that tries to improve file sharing experience without complex configuration options.
NetF is targeted for the average user as opposite many other Mods which are dedicated to releasers and experienced users.

- Sub Chunk Transfer (SCT, download from not yet completed parts)
- Dynamic Block Requests (faster and fewer failed downloads)
- Enhanched Automated Upload Throttler
- Detect Hidden Chunks (Anti HideOS, required for ICS)
- Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS) [enkeyDev]
- Fake High ID prevention (a must for Low ID users)
- Small File Push
- Payback Queue
- Rare Chunks gives more Credits
- Fast Queue Rotation (try keep upload sessions short)
- Improved Download Throttling (for users who limits their downloads)
and some more...

Contact: netfinity at http://forum.emule-project.net

*** NetF 0.3a - beta 13 ***

* Added: show total download time in the remaining column after completed download
* Added: new upload slot limit to approx. max 2 times the NetF calculated minimum upload slot count
  (Hopefuly solves some problems with insane number upload slots)
* Added: display of completed blocks within incomplete parts for clients using SCT or Crumbs
* Added: Sub Chunk Transfer (SCT) protocol to exchange partialy completed parts
  (Only supported between NetF 0.3a clients for now; hardcoded)
* Added: download of eDonkey Crumbs (remapped internaly to 180kB blocks)
* Added: spread upload slots betwen files
  (More active slots, gives less priority)
* Changed: don't check if client need any parts before giving slot as it cause problem with SCT
* Changed: upload bandwidth throttler to repeat sending until no more data is accepted
* Changed: dynamic block requests now attempts to reduce the number of very small block requests
* Changed: "ghost" download from private LAN IPs is now enabled in release builds
  (This makes the testing of SCT soo much simpler)
* Changed: blocks within parts are now downloaded in sequence for common parts
* Changed: absolute minimum upload session time reduced to 1 minute
  (Gives less advantage to fast downloaders, which could be leechers)
* Changed: flushing of data buffer is now limited to the biggest block sequences, except when forced
* Changed: re-enabled data compression, but made the compression level depending of the current upload rate.
* Fixed: a bug in the optimized CUint128::toHexString function
* Fixed: possible issue with file completion (flush to disk) got delayed
* Fixed: localization for NetF features
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)
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Alt 16. December 2005, 11:46   #2
Board Methusalem
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Standard: eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a (beta 13)] [15.12.2005] AW: eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a (beta 13)] [15.12.2005]

Das Ding klingt richtig interessant, auch wenn ich bei so einigen Sachen nicht ganz (oder nicht sicher bin, daß ich) verstehe, was das genau ist bzw. wie es genau wirkt. Aber den werde ich mir heute abend mal genauer ansehen.

Mit gespannten Grüßen

Der Router ist schuld!
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