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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 29. May 2006, 12:47   #1
The Machine =)
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MOD Releases: eMule 0.47a Onyxmule (hebmule2) V1.1 Final [28.05.2006] Problem: eMule 0.47a Onyxmule (hebmule2) V1.1 Final [28.05.2006]

eMule 0.47a Onyxmule (hebmule2) V1.1 Final
eMule 0.47a Onyxmule (hebMule2) v1.1

added new Fake Check code: (tagged "Avi3k: Fake Check")
added option to mark files as fakes
added support to also add a comment to a fake file
added option to remove files from fakes
added option to remove all files from fakes
added option to choose if files also compared with filesize when checking for fakes
added fakes.dat support:
added option to load fakes.dat at eMule startup
added option to load or reload fakes.dat at runtime
added option to unload fakes.dat at runtime
added option to not load comments from fakes.dat to reduce memory usage
added option to log errors for Fake Check (loading fakes files, parsing data, etc...)
* fakes are saved to myfakes.met which is based on eMule's met file format
added new hebMule Credit System: (tagged: "Avi3k: hebMule Credit System")
added a new statistics based credit system to eMule (aka hebMuleCS)
added option to enable/disable hebMuleCS
changed queue/upload code to use hebMuleCS combined score (original eMule score with hebMuleCS score)
added hebMuleCS scores to Downloads, Downloding clients, Uploads, Queue and Known client lists
added hebMuleCS score to client dialog
fixed an issue with really low results in the calculation (thanx to CiccioBastardo)
added new Search Export: (tagged: "Avi3k: Search Export")
added option to export search results to eMule Collection files
added option to export search results to Text files
added option to export search results to HTML pages
added option to export search results to XML files
added new Relative Priority: (tagged "Avi3k: Relative Priority"; idea by niRRity)
added option to set files priority relatively to other files in download according to source count
added option to auto set relative priority to all files in download every X >= 10 minutes (disable: 0; default: disabled)
added option to set relative priority to Download categories
changes to ModID:
changed some code parts to reflect on the new codename 'Onyx'
removed sending mod string to older eMule clients
added localization to all of the mod's strings
fixed some bugs in Extended 2 prefs (thanx to Mondgott for the tip)
fixed possible memleaks in modeless WebSearches & ServerFilter dialogs (thanx to Wizard for the tip)
fixed WebSearches can start a web search without a search string
fixed bug in ServerFilter that could cause servers to be deleted if trusted serverlist is empty
changed shared files view so when files are not selected, the files list will extend (tagged "Avi3k: Extend SharedView")
changed chat view so when a friend is not selected, the friend list will expand (tagged "Avi3k: Extend FriendView")
added option to search for related files in Shared Files window (tagged "Avi3k: Shared Search Related")
fixed several official bugs & improved some codes:
fixed eMule will now send the port only once to the servers in login request (in beta, fixed in official)
fixed multiple loading of msimg32.dll in TitleMenu.cpp
changed MiniMule to only be created once (instead of every time the dialog is being opened)
changed compression percent calculation in file details dialog to improve accuracy
fixed multiple message boxes for searching Kad notes in Comments dialog
fixed and improved other various minor code parts
fixed routing code in Kad (official patch by Unknown1; taken from MorphXT)
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)
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