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Alt 16. August 2003, 22:02   #1
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800
Standard: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] Problem: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003]

Version 0.37a - eMule 0.30a - using xml-lang

ed2k://|file|emule0.30a[SF-IOM]-v0.37a.rar|989967|DDAA58F0BA278357CE701B219C029ED0 |/|sources,adiv.ath.cx:2762|/


Extra lang downloads:
French: ed2k://|file|emule0.30a[SF-IOM]-v0.37a-lang-FRENCH.rar|20180|1719ADC4F25C96A492A99E2914FE4A95|/|sources,adiv.ath.cx:2762|/

Version 0.37 - eMule 0.30a - using xml-lang



Extra lang downloads:
German: ed2k://|file|emule0.30a[SF-IOM]-v0.37-lang-GERMAN.rar|19925|9B119F7AAF1794CD3B6E5CF97FFBCD28|/|sources,|/

Version 0.36 - eMule 0.30a - using xml-lang

ed2k://|file|emule0.30a[SF-IOM]-v0.36.rar|1037898|96950C68DD1B16B3AA2B43A8CCC4F673 |/|sources,adiv.ath.cx:2762|/


Version 0.35 - eMule 0.29c - using xml-lang



[1] Check diskspace v1.2(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: checkDiskspace"):
* Verifies all non-paused downloads have enough room in the temp partition to finish.
* If there isn't enough room, downloads are paused so that the remaining downloads do have enough room. Files with lower priority are more likely to be paused in favor of higher priority files. Files paused this way have a status of "Insufficient diskspace".
* Whenever a download is paused, resumed, stopped, or has it's priority changed, the free disk space is rechecked to see if previously paused files can be resumed, or new ones paused because of the current non-manually-paused downloads changing.
* v1.1: Rechecks the free diskspace every 15 minutes, just in case the free disk space on the temp partition has changed(files copyed, created, deleted, etc).
* v1.2: Can be turned on or off in the preferences(On by Default).

[2] Share with subdirectories v2.4(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: shareSubdir"):
* When a directory is shared, all of it's subdirectories are shared as well.
* Only the root directory is saved in the dat files, the subdirectories are rescanned every time the shared files are reloaded or refreshed. As a result, the dat file is smaller than one where all the subdirectories are shared manually, and if a shared directory's subdirectories change(renamed, created, deleted, etc), the change will be detected the next time the shared files are refreshed.
* v2: To share a directory with subdirectories hold the ctrl key, otherwise the directory is shared without it's subdirectories.
* v2: Directories shared with subdirectories are now saved in a seperate dat file. The subdirectories themselves are still not saved.
* v2: Once a directory is shared with subdirectories you cannot unshare/reshare any of it's subdirectories, and the checkbox next to them disappears.
* v2: You can now share files from network shares without having to map them to a drive first.
* v2.1: Local drives appear before network drives.
* v2.2: Network drives load in another thread.
* v2.3: The incoming directory is shared without subdirectories by default and marking it causes it to be shared with subdirectories.
* v2.4: Directory listing for view shared directories request is now calculated according to the paths of the files shared, instead of the directories shared. This means that directories without shared files won't be sent, and subdirectories with shared files will be.
* All directories can be shared. Unsharing of eMule-used files is done by SafeHash.

* The UNC shares box in the preferences can be used to add shared directories, but it doesn't show UNC directories already shared, and it can't be used to remove shared directories.

[3] Transfer whole chunk v2(Tag: "VQB: fullChunk"):
* Upload slot cycling is set to cycle only after 9.28MB(the size of a complete chunk) were sent, so that anyone downloading will get at least one chunk complete and be able to hash it and reshare.
* v1.1: A downloader getting a slot with the small-file boost will only download according to the size of the file used for the boost, and not a complete chunk.
* v1.1: No longer counts compressed packets according to their compressed size.
* v2: You can now choose if to always upload 9.28MB(VQB-style full chunk), or to simply upload only from one chunk(Tarod style full chunk), cycling when the user tries to start downloading the next chunk. To select Tarod-style full chunk transfer, use the checkbox in the Files preferences.

[4] Push small files v1.1(Tag: "VQB: SFpush"):
* Files under 1 chunk get a priority boost in inverse ratio to their size. A 1 chunk file(or above) gets no boost, and a 9.28k(1/1000 chunk) file(and below) gets the maximal boost of times 1000.
* v1.1: Small file boost can be seen in an extra column in the upload window.

[5] Release slots(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: slotRelease"):
* You can set complete files to be release files. As long as there isn't a release file currently uploading, any request for a release file is auto-accepted.

[6] See own credits(Tag: "VQB: ownCredits"):
* Clients on your download queue that have you on their upload queue with a credits mark now have a credits mark.
* You can now see you own UL/DL modifier in a client details, next to the client's UL/DL modifier(In brackets).

[7] Detailed downloads:
* Confirmed download bar(Tag: "xrmb:confirmedDownload") - xrmb patch for showing in a download's progress bar how much of what was downloaded was already completed and hashed. Slightly modified code.
* See the needed chunks(Tag: "xrmb:seeTheNeed") - xrmb patch for seeing which chunks do sources need from you in the sources status bar.
* Gray paused downloads(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: grayPause") - Inactive downloads(Paused, error, etc...) have gray-faded status bars.

[8] Spread bars v1.2(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: Spreadbars"):
* There is now a "progress bar" in the shared files list showing how many times was each part of a file uploaded.
* Uses black and blue colors, like the download progress bar. Black means never uploaded, light blue means uploaded a little, dark blue means uploaded alot.
* These statistics are saved in the known.met file, using a similar format to the saving of gaps in a part.met file.
* v1.1: You can now sort the files according to the spread bar. Uses a special sorting formula by VQB.
* v1.1: New column - File UL(Part): Estimates how many times a file was uploaded with consideration to how balanced the spread between different parts is.
* v1.1: New column - File UL(Simple): Estimates how many times a file was uploaded on average.
* v1.2: New column - File UL(Full): Estimates how many times a file was uploaded from start to end.

[9] Show comments(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: showComments"):
* Added option to indicate which files you set comments for in the Shared Files tab and in Transfers tab with icons.
* Recieved comments are now stored in a comment list for each file, instead of being stored in a single comment per user. As a result, a user can now send a comment for more than one file, and when the user disconnects the comments remain.
* Recieved comments can be viewed in the Shared Files tab, and are indicated with an icon.
* Comments and ratings for downloading files can be edited directly from the Transfers tab.
* New protocol extension allows downloading users to send comments to their sources, so users can now recieve comments for files they have complete.

[10] Bandwidth Throttler(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: BandwidthThrottler"):
* Bandwidth for upload slots is now assigned in a different manner, which makes the bandwidth limiting more accurate, and reduces packet overhead.
* There's a new option to also apply the upload limit to overhead packets, including packets sent to servers, instead of just to data packets.
* There's a new option to focus as much of the upload bandwidth as possible on as few slot as possible, starting from the first slot which started uploading. Makes each individual slot finish uploading faster.

[11] Safe Hash(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: SafeHash"):
* The ultimate fix against sharing corrupt downloads, or missing or having corrupt hashlists. See details below.
* Part file completion is done regardless of currently hashing known files.
* Temp files and their backups can't be shared, even if the temp directory is shared. Only temp files actually used by eMule and their backups are filtered, so other files in the directory can still be shared.
* Config files can't be shared, even if the config directory is shared. Only config files actually used by eMule are filtered, so other files in the directory can still be shared.
* Only complete chunks of part files are rehashed at startup, instead of the entire part file.
* If eMule is closed while a part file is hashing, it will now rehash at startup, instead of assuming it's been hashed.
* All part files hashing, including part finishing and ICH, are now done in another thread.
* Only hashed and verified chunks are shared. Completed chunks are shared only after they are fully hashed. File previewing also checks that the chunks are hashed, and not just complete.
* When a hashlist is recieved the part file is instantly hashed with it. Each already completed chunk is shared as soon as they are hashed.
* A part file doesn't wait for the initial hashing to complete before looking for sources and starting to download. It's only shared, though, after it's hashed.
* Only blocks which are currently gaps can be written to, data that has already been downloaded is discarded. This prevents finished blocks from being corrupted by overflowing data.
* Displays number of shared files not yet hashed in statistics, and the expected total number of shared files(including those not yet hashed) in the shared files list title.
* Better handling of part files with less than one chunk. Prevents alot of bugs, including a bug which could allow such a file to finish without it's hash being checked.
* The shared files are loaded last, so that the part files are already loaded and can be shared when the shared files first load. Also, when the shared files are sent to the server, the part files are sent in the same packet, instead of being sent one by one afterwards.

[12] New Settings:
* Reconnect on LowID(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: lowIdRetry") - How many retries before accepting a low id(Default: 3).
* Infinite Queue(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: infiniteQueue") - Removes the queue size limit and allows your queue to grow as much as it needs to(On by default).
* Multiple Instances(Tag: "VQB: multipleInstance") - You can now choose to allow two or more eMules to run at the same time for whatever reasons you may have(Off by default).
* Hide overshares(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: hideOS") - Parts in a file uploaded a certain amount of times more than the least uploaded parts are not revealed to other users. This is to prevent a case where all the users download the same part and the other parts become less spread. You can set the amount of times a part has to be uploaded before it's hidden, or 0 to disable(Default: 5).
* Share All(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: preferShareAll") - Tries to connect to servers which can index all of your shared files first, even if they have a lower priority compared to servers which can't(On by default).
* Upload Speed Sense(Tag: "ZZ:UploadSpeedSense") - Automatically tries to discover the available upload bandwidth and limit upload to that bandwidth(In addition to the manually set upload limit, not instead of). Upload limit lowered automatically will effect the download limit in the same way manually lowered upload limit does. Can be turned on or off, as well as configured in several ways.

[13] New Display options(Tag: "itsonlyme:displayOptions"):
* Display options introduced in SF-IOM have their own branch in the Extended Settings tree.
* Chunk mark dots(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: chunkDots") - The incomplete side of the progress bar has marks for where chunks start and end(On by default).
* Progress percentage(Tag: "HoaX_69: progressPercent") - The progress of a download in percents can be seen on top of the progress bar. Improvement of the one seen in official(On by default).
* Option to turn file system icons in shared files tab on or off(On by default).

[14] General Bugfixes and Tweaks:
* File requests and reasks from sources now have an added random delay of up to 2 minutes to prevent connection peaks caused by all requests and reasks occuring all at the same time(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: spreadReask").
* Multi-layer sorting. If you sort a list by one column, then by another, the order of the sorting will be remembered, and when the items change it will fit the same order of sorting instead of just the last. Also, the sorting order is now saved in the preferences, so it's remembered even if you restart eMule(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: multiSort").
* The statistics of duplicate known files are now merged and the statistics of part files are now saved in the known.met(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: mergeKnown").
* When finishing downloading the last known chunk of a source, the source is set as on queue rather than as a no needed source, in case that source completed a new chunk in the mean time(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: noNeededRequeue").
* Revised code for creating upload packets to one that doesn't need to assume your fragment size and doesn't time out for low slot bandwidth(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: noRefrag").
* Revamped multiple aspects of downloadlist sorting. Also, you can now sort sources without sorting the downloads by holding the ctrl key while clicking on a column(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: DLsortFix").
* Downloads can take sources from search results and browsed user files(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: searchCatch").
* Servers which return a file as a search result get cached, and are later on asked for sources for the file first if the file is downloaded. Also, if a server returns as a search result a file already being downloaded, than that server is asked for sources for the file(Tag: "itsonlyme: cacheUDPsearchResults").
* Download links can contain hostname sources, instead of just ip(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: hostnameSources").
* You can set your own hostname in preferences, and create eD2K links with sources with your chosen hostname instead of your IP(Tag: "itsonlyme: hostnameSource").
* If multiple files are selected while entering a new comment, the new comment is applied to all of them(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: batchComment").
* Added checks to startup timer, so that if the controls aren't yet initialized, even after the delay, it waits for another timer cycle until they are before trying to initialize(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: doubleLucas").
* Supports the mod-ID protocol. Also, client version usage in statistics can be expanded to show which mods are used by how many users for each eMule version(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: modID").
* Supports the completed sources protocol for showing the amount of complete sources for shared files(Tag: "#zegzav:completesrc").
* Mod name and version is shown properly after eMule and it's version where-ever it's shown(Tag: "itsonlyme: modname").
* You can right-click a user in any list and select to view a list of all the files the user is a source of in a dialog. Also, the number of A4AF sources can be seen in the sources column, and in the status of A4AF sources you can see the file that they're asked for(Tag: "itsonlyme:reqFiles").
* A column was added to the upload list and queue list showing the client software of the users(Tag: "itsonlyme: clientSoft").
* Up to 10 sources with needed parts for a download may be saved in the part.met, so if eMule crashs or it's restarted these sources stay(Tag: "SLUGFILLER: saveSources").
* Users that haven't changed their default names will now be given new random names based on their userhashs(Tag: "xrmb:funnynick").

Officially Implemented Features:
We stopped implementing these features because the official team either adopted them or came up with their own(better) versions. Don't worry, they're still in, the official versions of them, that is.

[1] Adjustable connections per five seconds(fixed, eMule 0.24):
* eMule 0.23 introduced a features which limits how many connections can be made every 5 seconds, so routers aren't flooded due to too many connections in too little time. However, the official client doesn't allow changing the limit. Now you can set whichever limit you choose.

[2] General Bugfixes and Tweaks:
* Shared file list is only flushed to the control itself after eMule has fully initialized. Prevents a crash at startup with Win9X. Based on the patch by Lucas(fixed, eMule 0.25).
* Server.met only read after the Servers tab has fully initialized. Extention of the patch by Lucas(fixed, eMule 0.25).
* Fixed a possible crash if the gap information in a part.met is corrupted, or simply not in a very specific order. Now uses more effecient code for reading an detecting errors in the gap tags(fixed, eMule 0.25).
* Fixed source exchange sending IDs instead of IPs. Now only sources with a valid IP are sent by IP(obsoleted, eMule 0.25).
* Part files without a hashlist are no longer shared as complete sources(fixed, eMule 0.26).
* CPU optimizations by Maella(fixed, eMule 0.26).
* NT/2K/XP users without a C drive couldn't see the directories control(fixed, eMule 0.27).
* When eMule starts the next upload it skips low-id users that aren't currently connected. If a low-id user should have gotten the slot, he is marked, and is automatically given a slot when he next connects(fixed, eMule 0.27).
* Files written to are now commited to disk before being closed(fixed, eMule 0.29).
* Known.met is saved after every upload is complete to preserve statistics in case of crash(fixed, eMule 0.29).
* Prevented crash bug caused by a failed connection attempt deleting the client object when starting an upload(fixed, eMule 0.29).

[3] Safe Hash:
* Gaps are clipped to the file size when loaded. If the part file size is smaller than the expected size then the gap in the end is added in the case it's not already there(Can be caused by crash while flushing the buffer, or by outside modifying if the part file). Gaps are also added in a more controlled manner, which completely prevents gap overlapping(fixed, eMule 0.29).
* Fixed possible bug that only checks the first chunk of each written block for completion, even in the unlikely(but possible) case that two chunks are written to and completed at once(fixed, eMule 0.29).
* Added check when loading the part file to make sure the part file size doesn't exceed the desired size(In case it was enlarged by outside modifying). Prevents bug with both file completing and initial hashing(fixed, eMule 0.29).
* Loaded hashlists are not assumed to be valid, and are checked against the file hash. Prevents a case of using a corrupt hashlist due to part met file corruption(fixed, eMule 0.30).
* Closing eMule while files are still hashing no longer causes any crashes, and all threads exit quickly and safely(fixed, eMule 0.30).
* Only one known file is hashed at a time(fixed, eMule 0.30).
* Refreshing the shared files while files are hashing no longer causes these files to be hashed twice(fixed, eMule 0.30).
* Fixed handling of files which divide evenly into chunks, meaning the last chunk is 0-sized, to be compatible with eDonkey's protocol(fixed, eMule 0.30).

[4] New Preferences Tab(obsoleted, eMule 0.29):
* A new preferences tab for settings specific to this mod. No longer nececery with the new tree-options dialog.
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Alt 17. August 2003, 19:10   #2
Registriert seit: 17.08.2003
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Standard: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] englisch

schön viel was da steht, aber wer überstzt mir das wenn ich kein englisch kann

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Alt 17. August 2003, 20:49   #3
Registriert seit: 22.04.2003
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Standard: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] Details

Übersetzen kanns dir google oder altavistas babelfisch.

Und zu dem Mod:
Heißt glaub ich gar nicht mehr SF-VQB.

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Alt 17. August 2003, 21:05   #4
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
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Standard: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] Lösung: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003]

ehrlich gesagt stand kein Namen dabei. Darum bekam er von mir den Namen seines Forums vom offiziellen Board
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Alt 17. August 2003, 21:31   #5
Senior Member
Benutzerbild von Mulio
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Standard: eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] eMule 0.30a SF-IOM Version 0.37a [25.09.2003] [gelöst]

Der heisst 29c(SF-IOM).035 soweit ich weiss!Hab ihn nen paar tage bevor er hier war auf emule project homepage gefunden iss aber nich so der knaller wenn de mich fragst!
Saug du Esel!
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Alt 18. August 2003, 00:00   #6
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800

hast recht, IOM= itsonlyme und ist slugfillers neuer Partner.
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Alt 21. August 2003, 20:20   #7
Senior Member
Benutzerbild von Mulio
Registriert seit: 12.07.2003
Beiträge: 341

Auf der emule proj seite gibts ab heut ne 30a SF-IOM
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Alt 21. August 2003, 20:40   #8
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800

danke Mulie
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Alt 22. August 2003, 11:18   #9
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Benutzerbild von Mulio
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Also irgendwie hat dieses USS ne macke bei mir sobald ich das anmache geht der download auf null!Kann aber auch an mir liegen das gleiche prob habe ich beim athlazan2.1 da lief ne halbe stunde alles gut und auf einmal zeigt er 230 kB/s upload an obwohl ich ja nur 16 zur verfügung hab dann gings runter auf 80 dann nächste sekunde 6 und auf einmal wech also beim 29c mod hat das uss noch 1a funktioniert!Bei sucV3 gleiche probs!
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Alt 13. September 2003, 22:45   #10
Unregistrierter Gast
Registriert seit: 29.11.2002
Beiträge: 3.624

v 0.37 ist da

leider gibts auf der off. seite keinen changelog, und nochmals die ganze feature list hier posten bringt nichts, steht ja schon im ersten post.
der einzigste changelog, den ich gefunden habe, ist in spanisch.
für den fall es kann jemand lesen.....
-Un nuevo sistema de control de subidas, que engloba desde la velocidad de subida, hasta el número de puestos, etc..

-El guardado y carga de fuentes, pero escrito completamente por Slugfiller.

-Cacheo de búsquedas globales, lo que descargará a los servidores.

Extra lang downloads (deutsches Spachfile):
German: ed2k://|file|emule0.30a[SF-IOM]-v0.37-lang-GERMAN.rar|19925|9B119F7AAF1794CD3B6E5CF97FFBCD28|/|sources,|/


(wer nicht mit emule warten will, binary und sprachfile gibts auf meiner seite.)
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Alt 13. September 2003, 22:55   #11
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800

upgedatet, auch Featurelist aktualisiert.
Punkt 13 und 14 sind neu. Ob und in welchen Details sich die anderen Features geändert haben weiß ich nicht.
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Alt 14. September 2003, 10:12   #12
Advanced Member
Registriert seit: 31.05.2003
Beiträge: 250

habe den mod schon auf der pladde und der wird releast

eMule einstellungen und vieles mehr hier klicken
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Alt 14. September 2003, 10:15   #13
Unregistrierter Gast
Registriert seit: 29.11.2002
Beiträge: 3.624

Zitat von Red-Hawk
habe den mod schon auf der pladde und der wird releast
hab ihn doch schon längst auf meiner seite zum download. steht in meinem vorherigen post schon.
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Alt 25. September 2003, 11:35   #14
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800

Hotfix-Version erschienen:

Well, this is pretty much a hotfix release, so no new features, only boosts and fixes. Here's the list:
-Throttler tweaked, fixed and debugged. No more timing out trickle slots, and now there's a slot-count control added as well.
-Speed optimizations to spread-bars loading and drawing. Decreases eMule's load-up time, and makes the shared files tab navigatable again.
-Save/load sources now saves no-needed sources if there aren't enough needed sources.
-Patched version of French translation by MotteDeTerre.
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