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Ausrufezeichen: MediaInfo 0.7.10 Problem: MediaInfo 0.7.10

MediaInfo 0.7.10

Version 0.7.10, 2009-01-30
+ Mono (C#/Linux) binding
+ MPEG-4: Encoding library name
+ #2474280, OGG: Old version of Dirac identifier support
+ MPEG-TS: Encoded date for HDV
+ DVR-MS: Delay between two tracks
+ WAV: EBU Broadcast Wave format v1 support
+ CMP4: Basic support
x #2529963: Infinite loop on one file
x #2473140, DTS: error preventing 96/24 DTS detection
x MPEG-4: Better support of Aspect ratio
x Output was unstranslated and weird when $LANG is not set
x C++ binding error in 0.7.9
x Python binding improved and corrected (no more crash with Linux)
Download Page SF.net
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