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Alt 17. December 2003, 07:32   #1
Benutzerbild von cyrex2001
Registriert seit: 23.12.2002
Beiträge: 2.203
Standard: eMule0.30e enkeyDEV.6b [16.12.2003] Problem: eMule0.30e enkeyDEV.6b [16.12.2003]

Zitat von eDEV
eMule0.30e enkeyDEV.6b

Base Version: eMule0.30e

Installer: eMule0.30e-enkeyDev.6b.exe
Installer (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30e-enkeyDEV.6b.exe|2014470|6F88DA842360D42D21DA5826C4 16DA0A|/

Binaries: eMule0.30e-enkeyDev.6b-Binaries.zip
Binaries (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30e-enkeyDEV.6b-Binaries.rar|1393937|628D871E765DD7E6AAAF96CE09FBD 280|/

Sources: eMule0.30e-enkeyDev.6b-Sources.zip
Sources (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30e-enkeyDEV.6b-Sources.rar|1335618|EA1A575DCE61FA0A49AAF59D2DD6EF 82|/

- [ADDED] EndTime: in shared files there is a new column with date&time of download completion
- [ADDED] EndTime2Disk: added an option (tweaks) to log on a file the list of completed download with date & time
- [ADDED] Added a menu entry in shared files to open the file folder
- [ADDED] Notify when a new IRC query starts (Rocks)
- [ADDED] Retry On LowID (SlugFiller-IOM): the default has been set to 0, the value of "3" for real LOWIDs make it very hard to connect. To use this feature set it in preferences (recommended = 3)
- [ADDED] ClientSoft (SlugFiller-IOM)
- [ADDED] New filter for first category: "active" files. It shows "on queue" and "downloading" files.
- [ADDED] If a source is A4AF, the client tooltip shows the other file name.
- [ADDED] Release windows - rdf/rss Reader (TheBlackHand)
- [ADDED] In display preferences you can choose to show in red files never seen completed (Ded)
- [ADDED] CopyCOmments (NoamSon)
- [ADDED] AntiVirus support (Avi-3k)
- [ADDED] SUQWTv2, Save Upload Queue Wait Time (Moonlight)
- [UPGRADED] Release window converts non standard characters in http links
- [UPGRADED] PNR v2 rewritten (see below)
- [CHANGED] SLS activation limit by source changed to 200 sources (it was 500)
- [CHANGED] A4AF always visible (no need to activate advanced controls)
- [CHANGED] Release window show site name (if present) instead of link
- [CHANGED] Layout statistics: now graphics use only right side.
- [CHANGED] ICS tuned to strengten a little more rare-chunks priority
- [CHANGED] IRC query notify uses sound only when selected in notifier options
- [FIXED] EDT bug fixed, it could cause a crash on winxp for 0-credit clients.
- [FIXED] RelBar deactivation for an uploading file could crash emule.
- [FIXED] Webserver fix (itsonlyme)
- [FIXED] Irc menu / Nick conflict (Rocks)
- [FIXED] Category path check disk space - If there isn't enough free space in the incoming dir of the category the file will be saved in the default incoming dir (Lexiw)
- [FIXED] CleanupFilename(CString filename), crash when ed2k link has '[' in it (KuSh)
- [FIXED] Error in m_SrcpartFrequency sizing (rayita)
- [FIXED] calculate "Time on servers" correctly (Gnaddelwarz)

PNR2 (Partfile Name Recovery)
The PNR allows you to find out the original filename and eD2k link for a .PART file.
This proves to be really useful in case of loss/corruption of a .MET file (or more), since once you lose a .MET, its related .PART file is useless, and not only you have to restart downloading it from 0, but you also have to find out WHICH file you were downloading (this expecially happens when you are downloading many files at once - almost always ).
With PNR, should you lose a .MET file, you can open PNRecovery.dat as a text file and search for the name of the partfile (there's one per line). This file contains as many lines as the files you are downloading. Each line contains:
- name and path of the partfile, surrounded by "lesser than" signs (e.g. <C:\Temp\006.part.met< )
- an eD2k link to the original file, surrounded by "greater than" signs (e.g. >ed2k://|file|Test.mpeg|542234> )
- the name the file would have got once completed, surrounded by double quotes (e.g. "Test.mpeg" )
Here's a sample line:
<C:\Temp\006.part.met< >ed2k://|file|Test.mpeg|542234> "Test.mpeg"
There's a group of spaces between information fields, in order to fill each line up to 1022 characters (plus carriage return/line feed, which sums up to 1 KB per line). This is both to help future programs which could use this file (even eMule itself), and to further prevent corruption of the PNRecovery.dat file itself.
The delimiters (< > ") can be used for parsing, and their presence and position are guaranteed.
Compared to the PNR included in eMule enkeyDEV.6/6a, the PNR2 was completely rewritten, and the format of PNRecovery.dat has slightly changed.

To read the PNRecovery.dat has been developed PnrReader that allow you to search the informations saved about every file.
To download it:
http: http://enkeydev.altervista.org/downl...file=PnrReader
ed2k: [ED2K=ed2k://|file|PnrReader.rar|180843|CC2E26BF9D9585843297DD4 10EC24851|/]PnrReader.rar[/ED2K]

eMule0.30b enkeyDEV.6a

Base version: eMule0.30b

Installer: eMule0.30b-enkeyDev.6a.exe
Installer (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30b-enkeyDEV.6a.exe|1961070|0878E95A872532BC74C1F0BD21 3767F9|/

Binaries: eMule0.30b-enkeyDev.6a-Binaries.zip
Binaries (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30b-enkeyDEV.6a-Binaries.rar|1346364|DD08B9A22F275389046BEE3EF6FD6 C57|/

Sources: eMule0.30b-enkeyDev.6a-Sources.zip
Sources (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30b-enkeyDEV.6a-Sources.rar|1258877|A833ED56E0ACAE1ABE0CB38B0A85A8 65|/

- Upgrade to eMule0.30b codebase
- MTD: Multiple Temporary Directories (by th1, written from scratch - see below)
- BUGFIX: when you add files from webserver, the client stops with a messagebox
- Italian translation updated
- Multiple instances adapted (-ignoreinstances) lest you open more than one emule per working dir
- Source saver adapted for MTD
- Server window: log pane put before server pane
- "Clear completed" moved on top of context menu
- Little changed to enkeyDEV code for easier compiling with VS2003
- WebServer's Images based on the enkeyDEV.6 icons

Multiple Temporary Directories
This feature allow the user to define more temporary directories for "part" files. They can be configured in preferences/directories.
As for default temp dir, part files are loaded at startup, so when you add a new temp dir with some part file inside it, you have to restart emule in order to load them, though new files can be immediately added in the new temp dir without restart. On the other hand, if you remove a temp dir with some part files in it, they will stay in your emule until you restart it. A warning inform you of the folders with part files that won't be loaded the next startup.
To assign a temp dir to a new file, go to the download windows and right-click the mouse, a new menu item popups the dir list: choose what you prefer. Every file you add will be put in it from then on. If the additional temp dir is or become inaccessible, the file will be added to the standard temp dir.
The file tooltip will show you the temporary dir used (and also its final directory when completed).
Previews will still make use of the standard temp dir (and also some stats about disk space).
The additional temporary folder list is kept in the file "config/tempdir.dat" that use the same format as "config/shareddir.dat".
eMule0.30a enkeyDEV.6

Base version: eMule0.30a

Binaries: eMule0.30a-enkeyDev.6-Binaries.zip
Binaries (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30a-enkeyDev.6-Binaries.rar|1267972|19925C31117937647B88825CED23D 8B4|/

Sources: eMule0.30a-enkeyDev.6-Sources.zip
Sources (ed2k): ed2k://|file|eMule0.30a-enkeyDev.6-Sources.rar|1209468|E7E8B0B04CBDAC54E363D2C9B6CA77 A8|/


EDT (Estimate Download Time - see below)
PNR (Partfile Name Recovery - see below)
ICS (Intelligent Chunk Selection - substituted to ECS, see below)
L2HAC (Lowid to Highid Automatic Callback)
RSA-CIDE (secure identification that grants userhash ownership, now you can give credits to old clients - default)
Releaser bar
IS (Intelligent Spreading)
SLS (Save/Load Sources)
File icons displayed in every list
Notifier (latest enkey version)
Download all ed2k in clipboard
Source list indented
Create source ed2k from downloads
Use hostname in sources instead of IP
Messaging preferences
Save A4AF preference
A4AF source number shown (as "+n")
Multiple-instance (if you use "ignoreinstances" string in command line, this allows an emule per application directory)
Show partial chunks - from ICS protocol extension
Mod version string (slugfiller) implemented: "enkeyDev.6"
Mod version string shown in client detail window.
Category tab control lengthen
Icon set completely changed with icons based on Everaldo ones - see below (thanks also to dkaox, Girard747, Gobelet)
Webserver icons changed accordingly
New icons to identify eDev mules (gray cross: eDev features compatible clients, blue cross: full enkeyDev clients)
Icons management changed: non-emules always shown with their icons
Italian translations updated
Friend-slot disabled
Full-chunk-transfer forced
File priority modifiers changed
Push small files
Show compression gain
Some other little changes

EDT (Estimate Download Time)

This works only between EDT compatible versions.
It lets you known how much it will take to download from a specific source and is updated every reask (as the QR).
The requester can see the EDT in "Remaining" column. The provider can see EDT for enqueued clients in their details window (N.S. means EDT "Not Supported" by that client).
To have a reliable statistic, EDT performs no estimation until about 30 clients start download (and that can take very much). Anyway this is VERY experimental. Do not take EDT for an oracle, if the provider changes a file priority or shares another file or a million other things, your EDT changes consequently!

ICS (Intelligent Chunk Selection) vs ECS

This feature is the same as in earlier eDev mods. We chose to implement this because we find ECS incomplete.
Keep in mind that enkeyDev mod is pro-releasers, then the priority is to make a chunk sharable as fast as possible and help releasers spreading the file as fast as possible. We believe THIS should be the priority for every emule client, and because of this we chose to keep implement ICS:
- to avoid two or more users choose to download the same chunk, ECS relies only on randomness: users choose randomly *hoping* to choose a different chunk each; in ICS users exchange infos about what chunk is being downloaded ATM, then a user can choose the less-downloaded (priority: spread the file faster)
- in ICS the user preference "first/last chunk" take importance only when there are NO rare chunks (priority: spread the file)
- in ICS requesting state does not count (priority: finish the chunk and share it)

An example over all.

With ECS, if you have 8 sources and every chunk is owned by at least two of them, then every chunk is "common": you are allowed to choose the first/last, otherwise you will choose the longest-to-finish.
Then a couple of sources quit, and you'll never finish the file...

With ICS, the same situation is a release-mode one, then you will choose the shortest-to-complete chunk that is not being downloaded ATM by any other client. This increase the probability you and the other clients would have downloaded different chunks and keep (globally) a complete source for the file, though a couple of sources quit...

PNR (Partfile Name Recovery)

This feature writes and keeps updated the file "config\PNRecovery.dat" that will help you recover files when you lose the ".met". For each record in the file, the part number, ed2k link and file name are saved in fixed lenght format.

New icons

Cumulative protocol resource infos

Tags used:
0x3C (EDT) - QR packet used also for EDT info
0x3D (ICS) - partial chunk info exchange supported
0x3E (L2HAC) - specify not standard reask time (15' to 60' allowed)
0x55 (Mod string - slugfiller)

Emule protocol extension:
0x8E (ICS) - partial chunk info

Protocol Changes:
- QR packet (TCP): 8 unused bytes filled with EDT
- QR packet (UDP): 8 bytes added for EDT
- socket timeout modified to 60 seconds (from original 40) to help L2HAC


fragen zu einstellungen und problemen mit emule, einfach hier klicken! danke Xman!
signatur mit Blacklotus Onlinesig erstellt. (dank winki2099 auch mit emule 0.43 funzt)
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Alt 17. December 2003, 12:46   #2
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vorbildlich die icon erklärung. für mich ein grund in irgendwann zu starten.

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