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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 3. March 2003, 04:34   #1
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Standard: eMule 0.26d Bm1 [03-03-03]one-queue-per-file and nick genera Problem: eMule 0.26d Bm1 [03-03-03]one-queue-per-file and nick genera

This "mod" just adds two features and is basicly made to test my modifications.

Emulation of multiple download queues

I changed the scoring for waiting clients in the upload queue so that a system with one waiting queue for each file can be emulated. The effect of such a system is that every shared file is treated equally, not every uploader. So for every shared file the same number of requests is handled, also if some files are much more requested than other files. This is especially good if you share rare files / release files. With filepriorities the rare files can be pushed even more.
Because this system may prefer rare files too much I added a preference (Look in "Tweaks") to set the influence of this multiple queueing (0% -> old system, 100% -> new system, everything else -> a mixture). Probably the best setting is around 80%, but it depends on how many files you share, if you want to release files, if you have rare files, and so on. So just experiment with it.

Getting rid of the "http://www.emule-project.net/" client

Clients that have one of the default usernames get a new, randomly generated, but still hopefully wellsounding nickname. If a client reconnects at a later session, it will get the same generated nickname again.

More info: Webpage

The multiple queueing will only work if you enable "Try to transfer full chunks to all uploads" in the preferences.
If you don't, uploading clients will be kicked again pretty fast.


Source code (zip, 1.1MB)
EDonkey: ed2k://|file|emule26d-bm1-src.zip|1202329|f99ffc0ae6ab9f23448d23359b159355|/

Source code (bzip, 0.77MB)
EDonkey: ed2k://|file|emule26d-bm1-src.tar.bz2|842168|fcff819e4fd37042e8815206f9a7b8b e|/

Binary (zip, 0.92MB)
EDonkey: ed2k://|file|emule26d-bm1-bin.zip|966322|b3c9c75c3ba641c8d5f371499a54b300|/

Have fun and test the new queueing. Especially if you have rare files!
Gruß gvstarfleet
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Alt 3. March 2003, 09:02   #2
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was ist das für ein MOD?
Hat den jemand schon getestet?

MFG Felix

Krieg mal anders http://www.liquidgeneration.com/popt...amfromiraq.asp LOL
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