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Alt 23. March 2003, 22:54   #1
It's cosmic ...
Benutzerbild von cosmic girl
Registriert seit: 14.01.2003
Beiträge: 3.326

Standard: eMule 0.27c Problem: eMule 0.27c

Nach nur zwei Tagen schon wieder eine neuere Version:
Hier gibt's die ed2k-links und mirrors für http-download

- March 23th, 2003 -
Ornis:Fixed security bug which could cause eMule be crashed (new settings in security preferences)
Ornis:Webserver: Fixed display if files>2GB
Ornis:Webserver Template updated by Daan

- March 21th, 2003 -
Unk: Fixed possible crash with Comment packet.
Unk: Recheck unzip size to avoid problems. (emarc)
Ornisatch to enable folderselection when no C: is on system
Ornis:Fixed seek-failures on large files [gabest]
Ornis:Trafficcounter in credits save>4GB now

- March 19th, 2003 -
Ornis: Added Webserver Control Panel [based on Kuchin], with changed/added:
-Progressbars with colored part-display!
-various style changes/corrections
-datasizes better casted
-additional preferences: set connectionlimits, sourcesperfile, new connections per 5 seconds, and 2 file settings
-Two access profiles: Admin(full power) & Guest (only watch)
-Fixed incompatiliby of control images concerning Opera & old Mozilla
-Fixed security bug, concerning sessionID creation
-Add log-message of Logins & Logouts
VQB: Eliminated just created ed2k links prompting to add links from clipboard
Unk: A previous version or mod seems to have set a clients hash to all 0. eMule now verifies your hash at startup and resets it if required.
Unk: UDP only use clients IP for finding the sender.. It now checks for UDP port also to make sure it finds the correct object..

- March 16th, 2003 -
Unk: Double update in Known Client List fixed. (JustusJonas)

- March 15th, 2003 -
Ornis:Cancel downloads of a category are now prompted first
Unk: Disabling queue list bug.
Unk: Source Exchange updated to include the users hash to help prevent multiple clients.
Unk: Client Details bug.
Unk: Fixed a bug that didn't upldate last seen if a client in your queue only used UDP.
Unk: Added localization to the Known Client List.
Unk: Fixed a bug where a source could get stuck in the Asking state forever.
Ornis:Adding same ed2k-file multiple times via weblink was possible when eMule was not running
Ornis:You can now enable loggin the verbose-log to disk, without display it in serverwindow

- March 14th, 2003 -
Ornis: Fix: Versionstats for the Hybridversion now visible
Ornis: Foldercount fixed when sending package SHAREDDIRS
Ornis: Fixed: decision about zipping a package was made case sensitive - not anymore
Ornis: Download-Tooltip corrected (one info was gone)
Orins: Fixed: Sending commands to categories handles "show all unassigned" now

- March 13th, 2003 -
Ornis:Added options to save logs to disk
Unk: Credit System Optional
Unk: Simple first time setup-wizard
Unk: Another Protocol change for better compatability to the Hybrid.
Team:and a number of tiny corrections, Fixes & graphical updates

- March 11th, 2003 -
Ornis:Sharedfilelist: linkcopy now for multiple selection too
Ornis:Searchwindow: Box for Directlinks (ED2k-Filelinks) supports multiple links
Ornis:Option to watch the clipboard for new ED2k-Links to enter to the download (after a prompt)
Ornisreferences new group: Security (filters), new filter: comments
Ornis:new column "Folder" in the sharedfiles list
Unk: lMule is now detected.
Unk: eMule clients v0.19 and below are now given a lower queue rating.. This is to push these client to upgrade due to the client publishing to the wrong server port that doesn't use the standard port.
Ornis:Added a hotmenu for faster control via keyboard. Press Alt+x !

- March 10th, 2003 -
Ornis: Completed file in transferlist will be opened when item is activated
Unk: No longer remove uploadclients with a unknown file name to be more compatable with Hybrid.
Unk: ShareFileList now uses the queue&upload list to create a bar to show how spread a complete file is in the network.
Unk: Fixed a bug in the wizard.
Unk: Added a Known Client List to the transfer window.
Unk: UploadClients with unknown filename is no longer removed for better compatablity to the Hybrid client.
Unk: SharedFile list now has a bar that is generated from the queue&upload list to show how well spread a file is.
Unk: Fixed a bug that caused eMule to crash if you got disconnect from your ISP.
Ornis:Commenticon should be more uptodate [Moosetea]

- March 2st, 2003 -
Ornis:Fix: saving alltime transferred size for files not limited to 4GB anymore
Ornis:Fixed bug that didnt allowed previews of movies with capital extention
Ornisreferences reorganized - new group: Display
Ornis:New option to switch on/off the rating/comment-icon in the downloadlist

- March 1st, 2003 -
Unk: Nondownloading sources are now updated a 10th of the time. (Based on Maella)
Unk: Name and Desc of servers are now updated. Max users is now a seperate column.
Unk: Radio button bug in wizard fixed.
Unk: Changing how eMule exchanges version type.
Ornisownloadlist can now be organized in categories, for switching/filter downloadlist, set different incoming folders, colors and perform commands on all files of the category...
Ornisate/Timeformat can be changed in the preferences.ini , strftime() compliant format string!!!

- February 26st, 2003-
Ornis: Fixed: sourceexchange was more seldom under certain circumstances
Ornis: stopped downloads dont collect sources anymore
Unk: Fix bug that allowed a upload to upload for more then one chunk in Full Chunk Mode.

- February 25th, 2003 -
Unk: View transfering parts in uploadlist. (Lonestar)

- February 24st, 2003-
Ornis: middle-mouseclick on a comment-symbol opens the commentlist
Unk: Upload bars are now 3D.
Ornis: fixed auto-versioncheck [thx bluecow]
Ornis: added display of the last time data was received (written to disk) for every file (downloadcolumn, tooltip, filedetaildialog)

- February 21st, 2003 -
Unk: Completely changed the auto priority methods. Download and Shared prio is now completely seperate. Auto priority is now defaulted.

- February 19th, 2003 -
Unk: Merged in new DownloadListCtrl. (Maella)
Unk: Merged in view shared list of Hybrids. (Bluecow)
Unk: Don't try to update queue list at all if not visiable. (zz)
Unk: Another Update on the Min to Tray Button. (Zegzav)
Ornis:Upgraded Notifier, to support customizable skin, close- & history-function
Ornisoubleclick on a user in the commentlist starts a (Message)Chat to that user
Ornis:Fixed issue with limiting the downloadspeed at runtime and via commandline

- February 15th, 2003 -
Unk: Fix queue rotation bug. (Some clients were instantly kicked from upload)
Unk: Several optimizations by BadWolf63,ichi
Unk: Minimize to tray gui button bug fixed. (zegzav)
Unk: cDonkey is now in the stats.
Unk: Splitter bar position is now saved correctly.

- February 13th, 2003 -
Unk: Change how we detect Hybrids.
Unk: Changed some slot management. (Some help from VQB)
Unk: It seemed that some uploads tended to be extremely long in Chunk mode. There is now a check to make sure this doesn't happen.
Unk: Files set to auto no longer hang when you resart eMule. (jicxicmic)
Unk: Roundoff error correction for datarates. (Maella)
Unk: Changed some server connect code. eMule now connects a lot smarter with Safe Mode turned off helping with lowID problems.
Unk: Server stats is no longer lost on restart when autoupdate is turned on.
Ornis:Added commandline command: "limits=up,down" (e.g. "emule.exe limits=50,12") to set up-&down- transferlimits
Ornis:Added option to show up&down-rates in the title of the programwindow
Ornis:Middle mousebutton opens the detailwindow for the selected item in download-, upload- and queuelist
Ornis:Fix: webservices in sharedfileslist works again

- February 11th, 2003 -
Ornis:Reenabled statusbaricon for new messages.
Ornis:a number of little fixes, GUI & functional [some from JonnyB]
Unk: Auto saving serverlist & friendlist list fixed.
Unk: Source exchange now only sends needed sources to the client.
Unk: Small gui fixes.
Unk: Fix some more possible secuity issues and memory managments. (Some by beef2k & bluecow & Juanjo)
Unk: Small fix to maxconnection preference.
Unk: Pausing and Priority now saved again at shutdown.

- February 10th, 2003 -
Ozon: Bugfix; ed2k links is now correctly generated by emule for files larger than 2GB...
Ornis:Fixed GUI-issue in commentslistingdialog when resizing the window
Ornis:Show downloadcount above downloadlist
Ornis:Fixed save&restore columnorder of downloadlist
Ornis:Filter for incoming messages (config in prefs-notification, default filterexample "Your client has an infinite queue")

- February 8th, 2003 -
Unk: Converted a lot of char[] to CStrings to help avoid buffer overruns.
Unk: If hashset is found to have problems, it now reasks for it.
Ornis:Fixed Webservices in Searchview
Ornis:Fixed running preview [jicxicmic]
Ozon: Added persistent backups of .part.met files
Ornis:little GUI fixes
Ornis:added IP-ranges client-filtering (blacklist), using cDonkeys filter-file-format, basic filtering, more to come
Ornis:added own IPort to MyInfo-Window

- February 7th, 2003 -
Ozon: Added the macro THIS_FILE to all source code files, to help in finding leaks with VS. (please don't remove)
Unk: Fixed secutity hole. (bluecow/zegzav)
Unk: Serverlist and Friendlist are now saved during runtime too
Ornis:Using list with columns for comments-dialog- looks better

- February 6th, 2003 -
Ozon: Define EMSOCKET_DEBUG for trace log file for EMSocket...
Ozon: Changed packing alignment for most structs/classes (not the critical ones , still 1 byte) to 8 bytes.
(can improve preformance...)
Ozon: Backup of Clients.met is now done every time emule starts.
Ozon: Variable renaming started... (CAbstractFile, CClientCredits for now...)
Unk: Few bug fixes. Stats now have a packet counter.

Bug fixes, help from ZegZav, Bluecow, Ese Juani, jicxicmic
Optimizations, help from ichi, Maella, zz

- February 2st, 2003 -
Ornis: fixed reset serverlog crash
Unk: Fixed security hole. (beef2k)

- February 1st, 2003 -
Unk: Created a new algorithm to smooth out the spikeing TCP connections. This will help several things..
1) Spiking CPU & Bandwidth when many sources are added or reasked.
2) Help with conflicts between Source Exchange and UDP file reasks allowing UDP to be used more lowering the need for TCP and overhead.
Unk: Irc: Fixed another bug that could cause a crash when you close a channel.
Unk: Queue size is now adjustable.. (FYI: Contrary to belief, queue size has NOTHING to do with the amount of bandwidth overhead..)
Unk: File buffer size is now adjustable. If you are one of them people that is having problems with the buffer, try lowering it.
Unk: Download file priorities are now usable for rechecking sources.

- January 31st, 2003 -
Unk: Some clients may be reporting completed file status. Did some changes to hopefully stop this.
Unk: Added queue rank of Hybrid eDonkey clients.
Unk: Fixed protocol to allow eMule to stay in the Hybrid's queue.
Unk: Changing IP shouldn't force you to move to the end of the queue anymore.
Unk: Redid sorting of Download list one more time.
Unk: Sources with a full queue is now treated the same as noneededparts..

- January 28th, 2003 -
Unk: Fixed a bug that displayed eDonkey & eMule versions incorrectly.
Unk: We now detect eDonkey Hybrid Clients and Added Stats in Statistics.
Ornis: Filecompletion in seperate thread [Lord KiRon]
Ornis: added moified socket reading [by Jordy]

- January 24th, 2003 -
Ornis: support for Opcode 0x48 (OP_FILEREQANSNOFILE) of the protocol. [references: DoubleT,eMule+/Tarod]
Ornis: used videoplayer is now selectable
Unk: Did a complete rewrite with the Update functions in Queue and Upload list to speed things up.. You should now be able to turn on the Queue Auto update feature without CPU load..
Unk: Redid the Overhead meter. (I no longer try to estimate the TCP and UDP headers) Also added some Overhead statistics.

- January 21th, 2003 -
Ornis: optimized internal sources-handling, for reduced cpu-load
Ornis: various runtime optimization for reduced cpu-load (statstree, tray&maindlg, GUI) [coop. with EseJuani]
Ornis: Shared files list now supports more multiselect-commands
Ornis: versioncheck at startup (optional) or manually
Ornis: full customizable Web Services for files
Ozon: Fixed crash when trying to access statusbar before it was created (AddLogLine)

- January 20th, 2003 -
Unk: Added protcol to allow you to see what chunks a uploader has of the file.
Ornis: indicate files with ratings/comments by an icon in front of the filename (green/red,rating dependend)
Ornis: downloadlist: added sources-viewfiltering using modifier keys (see faq or help for usage!) [xrmb+Ese Juani]

- January 19th, 2003 -
Unk: IRC:Reconnect crash should be fixed.
Unk: Small change to downloadlist..
Unk: A client's server is now added with you first connect to him, Now, all client's servers you connect to are added to the server list.

- January 18th, 2003 -
Ornis: languages in selectionbox now labeled in local-language [pooz]
Ornis: fixed Toolbarbuttons always growing when changing languages [pooz]

- January 17th, 2003 -
Ornis: file completion working! (thx to all users helping&testing with us)
Unk: fixed AutoConnect on startup
Ornis: fixed wrong colormapping on the selector
Ornis: Systray-icon speedbar: color selectable in stats-preferences
Ornis: removed titlebar-preferences-menu for win9x users, which caused crashes for them
Ornis: added button to edit "adresses.dat" (in the server-preferences)

- January 12th, 2003 -
Unk: Fix for sources being left behind when a file completes causing crashes.
Unk: Fix hash warning when a file is less then one chunk.
Unk: Made some changes to the download list, sources show more information in columns
Ornis: Handling doubleclicks on trayicon safer in respect to other apps in the systray [thx to reCDVst]
Ornis: Basic command line control:
emule.exe { connect | disconnect | resume | status | exit }
status: writes the status to file "status.log"
resume: resumes next paused file

- January 11th, 2003 -
Ornis: the sort of Downloadlist by status is now using better order than alphabetically
Ornis: Statistics colorselection by colorpicker
Unk: You now have an idea of the bandwidth overhead eMule uses..
Ornis: Search now includes minsizes, maxsizes, extension, availability (thanks to Juanjo)
Ornis: language depended date/time-format is now updated during runtime when switching language
Ornis: Help-file access (FAQ-conversion). Avaiable in the download-section and already in the installer version.
Ornis: all statstics of shared files now handle >4GB

- January 9th, 2003 -
Ozon: Rewrote the hash thread code...
Changes: Now using worker threads instead of user interface threads; less overhead when creating threads.
Uses one thread for all new shared files that needs to be hashed instead of one thread for each file.
Cleans up the thread and associated objects if the user terminates the app when the thread is running.
And other changes...

- January 8th, 2003 -
Unk: Source asked count was nonfunctional. Fixed.
Unk: All lists now are initialized on a timer to help with win98 compatabilities.. Partially modified patch from Lucus.
Sony: Search is now canceled when closing the active search tab; added support for Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% (CD Images) and flac (Audio) file extensions
Barry: When reading staticservers.dat file and looking for priority, only accept comma if it is in second position, try to avoid finding comma in server name.
Barry: When changing priority of a static server, also need to update staticservers.dat file.

- January 7th, 2003 -
Ozon: Added version tag to preferences.ini, to help with compability. Backup of old file and creating a new file for every new version, thereby deleting old and unused tags.

- January 6th, 2003 -
Unk: Wizard now auto detects OS version.
Unk: Sources now show if their queue is full.
Unk: Fixed a sort issue in the upload queue when the file a client wanted wasn't known yet.
Dirus: We no long ask for sources from clients that don't support it.
Dirus: Increased compatibility between clients (and future potential clients) by using special tags instead of version numbers.

- January 4th, 2003 -
Unk: Minimize to tray button added [thanks to Zegzav]
Unk: Old MLDonkey clients are now identified. (Some code by Mav)
Unk: Option that allows the client to try to upload based on finishing chunks, not time.. [VQB]
Ornis: Corrected display of '&' on some places
Ornis: Bugfix: Filedetails now closeable by ESC and Titlebar-Closebutton
Unk: Option to auto resume files when a file Completes or is Canceled. (This is meant to work in conjunction with "Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode". )

-Saving received data without delay. When requesting files it now asks only for what is needed, not in 180k blocks. Compressed packets are now unzipped as they arrive and written to disk instead of waiting for full block.
-Write buffer:Writing to files is now buffered on a per file basis.The part file is flushed to disk when the buffer reaches 500k or 5 seconds since last flush. (Some code modified)
-Added option to auto-connect only to static servers.
-Added priorities to servers in staticservers.met (Modified for backward compatibiity)
-Option to change manually added servers to high.
-Option to refresh upload queue every 30 seconds.
-Automatically stores the last sort order of list views.
-Changed download list colour bar to show part downloading from client and part(s) pending in different yellows.
-Changed colour gradient to variable strength - level can be set in preferences (General)
-Give priority to part currently being downloaded when requesting next blocks.
-Changed priority order for parts of archives & movies as follows
1) first (Optional)
2) last (Optional)
3) rarest, with priority to second then penultimate parts if same rarity
-Added preview for archives (zip, rar & ace)
-Enable preview when only first and last parts are complete, not first and last two
-Fixed bug that caused corrupt preview file if part wrote to disk during preview file copy.
-Fixed bug that did not tell remote client to stop sending file when it was cancelled.
-Don't run the normal timer processing if the app is shutting down - can cause unhandled exceptions.
-Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode.
-Added option to automatically set the registry values for ed2k-links to this application while running, then set them back when finished.

- January 3rd, 2003 -
Ornis: merged fix for better handling of loading corrupt partfiles (gaplist) [from SlugFiller]

- December 31st, 2002-
Unk: If you cancel a download, everyone queued for that file will be removed from the queue when the next upload slot is freed.
Unk: Support to upload to mutliple clients within a network. (Ie, clients with same IP, different ports) (Reported by Lord KiRon)

- December 30th, 2002-
Unk: Option to download preview chunks first. (Leaving this option off helps spread files faster.)

- December 28th, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed sorting by percent complete bug which caused the list to stay unsorted until all status bars had been drawn.
Unk: Small gui preference gui fix. General is no longer defaulted as the title in the preference window.
Unk: Small gui fix in download list. QR is now adjusted when you begin to download from that source.
Unk: Irc: ed2k file links with source attached now clickable.
Unk: Low2LowIP and NoNeededPart sources are slowly removed in the hopes of getting a better source. These sources are only removed when that file is close to it's max sources to prevent sources from being removed or added over and over. Also, if this souce is a AskedForAnotherFile source for another file, it will switch to that file.
Unk: Set up a verbose mode. This is for you people that like to watch useless info. Do Not Report Errors You See In This Window!

- December 27th, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed finding yourself as source bug (at last).

- December 26th, 2002-
Dirus: Added a check for fake versions to the program version statistics.

- December 24th, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed a bug that made caused eMule to ask the same person for sources instead of a new person after a set time.
Dirus: Fixed a bug that allowed eMule to respond too often (as often as asked) to source sharing requests, rather than according to our preset limits.

- December 23rd, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed a bug that prevented people who use UDP from getting sources from those with complete files.

- December 22th, 2002-
Unk: Changing max source per file bug fixed.
Unk: Highest and Release priority bug fixed.
Unk: Search results added to a search list with no tab fixed.
Unk: Some of the connection statistics wasn't updated while not in the statistic window.. Fixed.
Dirus: Made source exchange use compression more aggressively.

- December 20th, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed crash due to stopped/canceled file corrupting the download list controller and the shared file list.
Dirus: Partial fix for preventing ourselves from being readded to a sourcelist when someone sends us back as a source. (some code by Lord KiRon)
Ornis: Connectionattempts restart when reaching the serverlist-end
Ornis: Added statistics: Clientversions (# of clients using the 4 latest edonkey-/emule-versions) [xrmb] ; server occupation (% of userload on servers with known userlimit)

- December 19th, 2002-
Dirus: Fixed crash that can occur from a corrupted part.met file.
Dirus: Accepted fix for possible garbage displayed in labels when run with multibyte character set. (by pooz)

- December 16th, 2002-
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Alt 24. March 2003, 00:44   #2
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öhm. ich bin do net so ganz sicher, obs die changelog seit siebten juli 2002 braucht

ich würd sagen die seit der letzten version (0.26 -> 0.27) tuts

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Alt 24. March 2003, 08:43   #3
Unregistrierter Gast
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Standard: eMule 0.27c eMule 0.27c Details


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Alt 24. March 2003, 12:20   #4
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Standard: eMule 0.27c Lösung: eMule 0.27c

0.27a-sivka.v7b1-beta2 ist meiner meinung nach etwas besser. auf jeden fall was die beschleunigung angeht. das ist schon sehr beeindruckend.

die internet-verbindung trennen und reaktivieren verursacht immer abstürze. egal welcher mod.

in der 27c ist der sortierbug behoben
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Alt 24. March 2003, 13:37   #5
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Standard: eMule 0.27c eMule 0.27c [gelöst]

Aufgrund verstärkten angriffen von emule nukern die eine schwerwiegende Sicherheitslücke in emule ausnützen wurde der 0.27c rlsed.
Zwar ist mit dem Nuker eddos.exe ein Angriff nun erschwert mit anderen Nukern is auch weiterhin die 0.27c wie auch andere emule Versionen abschießbar.
Versionen 0.46 von Edonkey and Overnet haben diese Sicherheitslücke geschlossen....

Ich habe Sivka eine genaue Beschreibung des Bugs zugeschickt bisher aber keine Reaktion gekriegt. Ich hoffe das alle Modder schnellstmöglich reagieren denn man kann teilweise nicht nur emule abschießen sondern den Computern gleich mit dazu.

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Alt 26. March 2003, 11:31   #6
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Bei mir stürzt die v27c regelmäßig nachdem beenden ab!! Werde aber weiter testen...

Theorie ist wenn man alles weiß und nichts klappt!

Praxis ist wenn alles funktioniert und keiner weiß, warum!
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Alt 26. March 2003, 17:27   #7
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Gibts schon einen guten 27c Mod?
Vorher teste ich die net
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Alt 27. March 2003, 12:35   #8
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Hallo Freunde, habe nun etliche Versionen probiert und habe überall das gleiche problem. Nach ca. 1,5 - 2 Tagen friert bei mir der Bildschirm ein und nix tut sich mehr ( Neustart erforderlich ). AMD Athlon 900 Mhz, 40 GB, 620 MB Ram, Geforce 2 TI, Windows XP Pro......please help !!!!
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Alt 27. March 2003, 17:48   #9
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Halt mal die Speicherlast des Mulis im Auge.
Eventuell ein paar Optionen deaktivieren, bzw. runterschalten.
3D-Tiefe der Anzeigebalken runterfahren
Overhead-Bandbreite anzeigen deaktivieren
Statistiken-Update Intervall vergrößern
So was halt.
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Alt 27. March 2003, 19:45   #10
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Danke Nullman, mal sehen ob es was bringt......Übrigens....wer hat welche Erfahrungen mit eMule v.0.26d Maella v.2.01-50ms gemacht ??? Bis denne
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Alt 27. March 2003, 20:09   #11
Board-Äffchen !
Benutzerbild von NaP
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jimmy_go2003, am besten im maelle tread fragen, da das nich zum thema "emule 0.27c" gehört.
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Alt 30. March 2003, 14:34   #12
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der muli 27c erklärt beim neustart sehr viele teile von dateien als ungültig, obwohl er viele teile davon früher schon als gültig akzeptiert hat. woran liegt das?
ich hab dadurch schon ca 1 gb verloren(bei nur 2 dateien). ich hoffe man behebt ganz schnell diesen fehler.
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Alt 3. April 2003, 12:02   #13
Registriert seit: 02.03.2003
Beiträge: 13

Das Problem hatte ich am Anfang, inziwschen scheint er sich so ziemlich beruhigt zu haben, kA woran das liegt, aber ich wär auf jeden Fall auch dran interessiert das zu beheben ^^

greetz van
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Alt 4. April 2003, 13:11   #14
Registriert seit: 08.02.2003
Beiträge: 18

---läuft geniös, keine Abstürze etc. . Durschnittsgeschwindigkeiten zwischen 30-45k, also für meine Verhältnisse sehr gut!!!
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Alt 6. April 2003, 13:52   #15
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hi leute ...
bin gerade bei einem kumpel...
der hat sich gerade emule instaliert und seine id ist voll kurz nu 4-5 stellig.
er nutzt ganz alleine also kein router odr so .
bitte um hilfe
danke im vorraus
Mein System: AMD XP 2400+, 512 DDR Ram, 40 GB Festplatte
Router : goldLine DSL Line Internet Gateway 2
eMule Version : ---
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  1. eMule 0.27c [bloodymad 0.4.preview] {20.05.03}
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 20. May 2003 (0)
  2. Emule 27c Morph V3b [08.04.03]
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 29. April 2003 (83)
  3. eMule 27c LSD-7b v7.02
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 21. April 2003 (29)
  4. eMule-Mod v0.27c [lovelace.10b] [17.4.03]
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 19. April 2003 (57)
  5. Super, Emule V0.27c SIVKA V7B3 !! ??
    Mülltonne - 16. April 2003 (0)
  6. eMule 27c LSD-6f, 04/07/03 v6.06 (Final Series 6)
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 9. April 2003 (6)
  7. eMule 0.27c Maella 3.0 beta1 - WO??????
    Mülltonne - 5. April 2003 (4)
  8. eMule 0.27c Nace 4b [03-04-03]
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 4. April 2003 (0)
  9. Khaos 12 [eMule 0.27c] (3-31-03)
    Mülltonne - 3. April 2003 (1)
  10. eMule 0.27c Enkeydev.5a [30-03-03]
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 2. April 2003 (4)
  11. eMule 0.27c [bloodymad 0.3] {24.03.03}
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 31. March 2003 (27)
  12. eMule 0.27c BadWolf STN [21.03.03]
    eMule MODs - Allgemein - 31. March 2003 (17)

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