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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 22. June 2005, 15:32   #1
The Machine =)
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MOD Releases: eMule 0.46a Pastagua V6 [19.06.2005] Problem: eMule 0.46a Pastagua V6 [19.06.2005]

eMule 0.46a Pastagua V6
eMule 0.46a Pastagua V6
Merge on 0.46a

eMule 0.45b Pastagua XxLight v2
*FIXED :Problem with unlimited upload session
*FIXED :bug in Display Window with "show cpu in title"
*ADDED :Community visualization (no boost)
*ADDED :ICS (Intelligent Chunk Sharing) [enkeyDev]
*ADDED :Modif: Now, selection of slot number if slot control is enable.
*ADDED :uncomplete files in sharedfile list in blue [DkD]
*ADDED :Mighty Knife:Report hashing files [Morph]
*ADDED :push small/rare files
*ADDED :powershare files in sharedfile list in red (On/Off in preferences\Display)[Miles]
*ADDED :Download Files Color [DkD] modified --> paused/Stopped in grey -uncompleted in pink
*ADDED :file in PS is indicated in slotNumber column
*ADDED :WINSOCK2 [eWombat]
*ADDED :Bold Download-Settings in Preferences [shadow2004]
*ADDED :Save Upload Queue WaiT time
*ADDED :Button to visit eMulix site
*ADDED :Improved Buffer Size to 7.5 Mo
*ADDED :Chunk Selection Patch by Xman [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Multi Credit System
*ADDED :Payback first
*ADDED :Ban aggressive clients(sivka-ban) enable/disable [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Timer for ban aggressive clients [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Counter for ask of aggresive clients [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Log Banned Clients (enable/disable)
*ADDED :remove/add friend in all windows [Morph/LSD]
*ADDED :remove/add one only friendSlot in all windows [Morph/LSD]
*ADDED :show/List Requested Files[Morph]
Download: Binaries & Sources (ed2k)
eMule-web.de Mirror (http) Bin & Sources
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