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Alt 21. June 2003, 16:22   #1
Registriert seit: 28.02.2003
Beiträge: 101
Standard: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) Problem: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003)

new mod eMule0.29a-[lovelace.11]

Back again!
I had some big hardware problems in the mean time and was not able to take part on emule-mod development. And also my spare-time is getting very low. And I'm looking for a job.
But nevertheless here's a nice new version. Hope you like it.

Here are the links: (thank you aldee) and for those who don't know: you can click on them

ed2k://|file|eMule0.29a-lovelace.11-(uncut)-Binaries.exe|1299852|F82D2FBC54ECF3ADF38A93ECA2F08 EAD|/
ed2k://|file|eMule0.29a-lovelace.11-Binaries.exe|1295791|F52257648F5E5770D7575CF2517A9 8C9|/

ed2k://|file|eMule0.29a-lovelace.11-Sources.rar|1309610|F3886CD43FA15444216901A77884C6 A2|/

Special Features Explained:
  • AntiFakeBlockCheck/Corruption Handling
lovelace-mods use an intelligent fake block handling and are immune against fake block senders. If a supercompressed/suspicious block causes a download getting corrupted, no additional supercompressed blocks are accepted anymore for this file, and also the sender gets temporarily blacklisted. Under certain conditions the part size doesn't match, so that a download is not able to get finished. lovelace mods will try to correct the filsize.
  • SUCv2
With this feature eMule tries to adapt the upload dynamically to the momentary extent of the internet utilization. It is tried to achieve as much upload as possible, however without using the full upload capacity completely so that the download starts suffering. This feature makes sense only for ADSL lines. The utilization of the line is not determined by an additional ping signal, but from the exponentially averaged values of the response time and/or signal running time of/to other clients, with which eMule must communicate anyway. Thus no additional traffic is produced. The four parameters low pass, high pass, drift and pitch are used for adjustment. These options are explained in detail with a diagram, which is shipped with the lovelace-package.
  • AntiCreditTheft
Even the official eMule-Version blocks userhashs occuring more than once. But the problem with the official version is, it doesn't differentiate between good and bad. Even worse: if there's a userhash thief, he's able to kick you out of the queue and as a side effect he inceases the asked-counter, so that in the end not only all userhash thefts are getting banned but also you. The lovelace mod uses the same mechanism as the official one, but tries to select the good one by a ranking scheme:

- if a client has uploaded >3MB, this IP gets trusted
- clients with a trusted IP get 10 points
- if a client connects with a different IP within half an hour the trusted IP was seen it gets 0 points
- if a userhash is used for at least half an hour by only one IP, the client gets 5 points
- otherwise the clients get only 1 point

Clients with a score equal to 5 or more get access to their credits. If there are more clients using the same userhash, the one with the higher ranking is kept, the other one gets disconnected.
If the lovelace-mod detects clients trying to get in by different/multiple userhashs, they get disrespected. This means, they will be kept in the queue but get a score of zero.

There has also been some changes to the client icons. Clients which are able to understand the extended eMule protocol get a blue icon. If they are believed not being a credit theft (trusted clients), they get a yellow star.
  • Community Mimic
Community strings are used by a number of mods. If you have a special community string in you name, you will get pushed up in their queue. This mean, these mods don't give equal rights to all clients (which give the same upload). This is why lovelace-mods don't use community sharing. The Community Mimic feature tries to detect community strings and mimics these in order to get into the community. But itself it will give the same ranking to them like to all others.
  • New Credit System
dl-modifier=100*((1-1/(1+exp((3*{MB uploaded to us}^2-{MB downloaded from us}^2)/1000)))^6.6667)

new credit system (start:1, max:100, min:0.1, ratio:1:1.5, only one formula)
In contrast to the original credit system, credits are evaluated more on differences and not on quotients. Using the orginal system you have the best credit values shortly after generating a new userhash. With the new credit system you get good credit values faster if you already have uploaded many MB before (and did not cheat by killing the userhash).

old system: 5up/ 5down = DLModifier of 2, additional 5up = DLModifier of 4
10up/10down = DLModifier of 2, additional 5up = DLModifier of 3
-> for the same amount of additional upload you get less score (-25%)
new system: 5up/ 5down = DLModifier of 1.16, additional 5up = DLModifier of 2.31
10up/10down = DLModifier of 1.85, additional 5up = DLModifier of 5.09
-> for the same amount of additional upload you get more score (+120%)
because you already uploaded a certain amount before.

this is only one simple example; new system has even more advantages. So in general generally generous uploaders get a nicer DLModifier than tightwads.
  • 1st-Last Block Handling
If you have set a file you share to "release"-status, this file will get spread very fast, because the clients requesting this file will get a very high ranking. lovelace mods will give an even higher ranking to those clients, which already have the first and last block of a file.
  • Small/Rare File Push Based On Waterlevels
If you select this option, smaller files and rarer files will get a higher score. Waterlevels are showing, how well a file is spread, not counting the sources, which have the file complete. So, if all blocks in the waterlevel display are deep blue, or at least no read block is there, the file is well distributed, and you can safely stop releasing it.
  • Funny Nicks
With eMule first install a standard name is adjusted. Since many users are too lazy to change these names, the lovelace mod changes these names into some unique funny names, appending [FunnyNick].
  • A4AF (Asked For Another File) control
With eMule, you can't ask a client for two different files. The status of one of the file is set to A4AF.
Swap all A4AF to this file auto: if you ckeck this option, clients asked for an other file are used as source for this file automatically.
Swap all A4AF to this file now: same as before, but not automatically.
Swap all A4AF to any other file now: send all sources from this file to other files which use these clients as a source, too.
The first number of the sources count is the number of files in A4AF status.
  • Source Dropping
Features taken from Sivka. I was asked to implement them. You don't have to use them.

NNS, FQS, HQRS, AutoHL timer: indicates, in which time interval (in seconds) NNS (no needed sources), FQS (full queue sources) and HQRS (high queue ranking sources) are dropped from the download queue.
MIN% < = MAX%: sources are only dropped if the percentage of max-connections is in this range.
Wwith the automatic dropping the NNS is only consideres the MAX% value, with manual dropping only the MIN% value.
Before a source is dropped all A4AF are checked and the clients are handed over, if possible.
  • Upload Per Slot
You can set here, how much upload is given per slot. However, if the maximum upload speed can't be achieved, more slots are opened.

more features are listed in the changelog:

[lovelace] mod important features
-> "AntiCreditTheft" ([lovelace]-mods will detect stolen credits/userhashs. Clients
using stolen userhashs are not able to download from [lovelace]-mods).
-> new credit system (start:1, max:100, min:0.1, ratio:1:1.5, only one formula)
(see also additional folder)
-> "Smart Upload Control v2" (SUCv2) + speed per slot (see also additional folder)
-> "AntiFakeHandling" ([lovelace]-mods use intelligent fake block handling and are
immune against fake block senders - aka Corruption Handling.)
-> not only(!) 1st and last chunks are released (faster releases) (also be sure to
select: "try to download first and last chunks first" to get higher priority
by a releaser's [lovelace]-mod)
-> small/rare push based on waterlevels
(-> "AntiCrash" Features, mod should run more stable)

Changelog eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11]

(21.06.03) [lovelace.11]

*+ upgraded to official 29a [lovelace]
+ Community Mimic [lovelace]
- distribute socket connections (introduced in 10.c) [lovelace]
* SUCv2 defaults to (850/450/7000/50)
(since 29a, there seems to be a need to raise the pitch) [lovelace]
* "server connection lost" message only in debug-log [lovelace]
* client score calculation speed up - less cpu usage [lovelace]
* AntiCreditTheft messages now display userhash and IP info [lovelace]
* additional small fixes and additions [lovelace]


*+ added/merged almost completely with sivka.v8b2a (features and bugfixes) [lovelace]


* aligned client version string, sorting starts with emule clients [lovelace]
+ added AntiCreditTheft-Feature for leecher mods using variable hash [lovelace]
* AntiLeecher/Fake Client version display (2A=30) [lovelace]
* small bug in khaos stats [eklmn]
* bug fixed in CreateNextBlockPackage() [Sundae]

(24.04.03) [lovelace.10e]

* fixed major memleak (way of using compression lib) [Blackstar2]
* exported queue ranking was set to 1 anytime [md5chap]
* lancast savepref code was in savecategories [md5chap]
*+ fixed (fake blocks) and added (myinfo) userhash text [lovelace/md5chap]
* sort IP's correctly [md5chap]
* GetNextRequestedBlock()should return false if nothing new [md5chap]
* adjusted reask time, to not get banned by very sensitive mods [lovelace]
* cumulative stats icon [lovelace]

(23.04.03) [lovelace.10d]

+ Disconnect from server on exit [MrFaber]
* made statistics graphs a little bigger [lovelace]
+ less cpu-power for evaluating QR [taab/lovelace]
* misinterpreted message that creditfile is rewritten, changed [lovelace]
+- moved "suspicious block" messages to DebugLog [lovelace]
* webserver grafics not displayed [lovelace]
* download averages (5min/session) are doubled [lovelace]
* Anti-Leecher feature too hard [lovelace]
* in statistics connection tab remove first "(1:3)" [lovelace]
* systray toolinfo problem again [lovelace]
* in statistics dialog, "(session)" string has to be removed 2 times [lovelace]
* strange MaxDownload behaviour fixed [lovelace]
+ distribute socket connections to avoid 'too many connections' [lovelace]
* SUCv2 defaults to (850/450/4000/50) (thx to ette kees' topic) [lovelace]
+ number of known clients (creditfile) in statistics [lovelace]
* prevent crash if not existing A4AF-auto filehash found [lovelace]

(18.04.03) [lovelace.10c]

+* updated to base eMule v0.28a [lovelace]
* bugfix: AntiLecher/Fake Clients was not working properly with
other clients than emules [lovelace]
* fixed new creditsys to work with 64bit numbers [lovelace]
* small fixes

(17.04.03) [lovelace.10b], don't use this, contains bug

+ only added khaos stats, but was work enough for 10b ;o) [khaos]
* transfer forever bug fixed (thx dcethe) [lovelace]
* part Files Sometimes Too Big [cyberpat92]
+ AntiLecher/Fake Clients (eMule v.90 etc.) [lovelace]

(16.04.03) [lovelace.10a]

* bugfix: always sorting by priority, (thx Ice1972) [lovelace]
+ lovelace mod icon in downloadlist was not displayed [lovelace]
+ uploaded/downloaded in uploadqueuelist [LSD]
-+ replaced ICS by jicxicmic's GetNextRequestedBlock()
aka 'download Stops Prematurely' [jicxicmic]
* very small fixes

(14.04.03) [lovelace.10]

+ Intelligent-Chunck-Selection (ICS)(incl. new emule protocol tag)[enkeyDEV]
* minimize rehashing of files [taab/jicxicmic]
+ view uploaded blocks in downloadbar [drLSD]
+* stop sharing corrupt parts to other clients [stormit/slugfiller]
* shared files loaded multiple times [khaos]
+ mod icon in queuelists [lovelace]
* increased release priority [lovelace]
* raised waterlevel push effect [lovelace]
* AntiCreditTheft doesn't send messages anymore (official doesn't send either) [lovelace]
* Vorlost AntiFilesharing0.3 was too hard and also applied to all clients
whose userhash was stolen (fixed) [lovelace]
-+ exchanged degus' webserver (which was looking nicer) with kuchin's webserver
(which has official support). [lovelace]
* memleaks by [bluecow]
+ some little changes in design ;o) [lovelace]

(29.03.03) [lovelace.9b][fix]

* on exit crash [lovelace]
* view known clients list crash [lovelace]
* (unknown) up/down-stats saved to credits [lovelace]
* clients.met was almost deleted [lovelace][fix]

(28.03.03) [lovelace.9a]

+* fixed hole in AntiCreditTheft, rewrote code [lovelace]
* maxdownload in preferences was behaving strange (thx Ice1972) [lovelace]
* A4AF Status wasn't reloaded after restart (thx Ice1972) [lovelace]
+ AntiCreditTheft: only trusted clients (with score-ratio>1) will get
this special yellow icon; also in known clients list. [lovelace]
INFO: There's a client.met cleaning emule flying around. It does nothing else
than taking the incompatible clients.met (from older versions,
lovelace-mods, morph-mod with AntiCreditTheft-Feature, but NOT with actual
morph-mod based on 27c (this will remain incompatible)),
and cleaning them for >27b and then exits. You can get it here:
ed2k://|file|lovelace.clients.met.cleaning.mod.rar|902970 |42C36337ACD0D8E38AFF38930367F003|/

(27.03.03) [lovelace.9]

*+ updated to codebase 27b and 27c [lovelace]
- removed kuchin's Webserver because it uses winsock2
and therefore isn't compatible with LANcast [lovelace]
+ added Degus' Webserver instead [Degus]
+ push small and rare files according to 'water levels' option in prefs [lovelace]
*+ file priority view in shared files list [lovelace]
* compatibility of AntiCreditTheft with new version creditfile.
credits are now divided into two files: main credits "clients.met" and
AntiCreditTheft information "trusted.met" [lovelace]
+ AntiCreditTheft now sends a message to the thief [lovelace]
+ Save/Load Sources (30/3) [Ottavio84]
* MaxDownload for SUC (thx Yun.sf3) [lovelace]
+* source management improved, don't loose received sources [bluecow]
+ Anti-Leecher-Communities/AntiFriendsharing0.3 [Vorlost/MrFaber]
+ Hybrid's OP_END_OF_DOWNLOAD [bluecow]
* limitation of LowID direct upload connects [lovelace]
* sort by priority and expand; 'transferring' fixed (thx Ice1972) [lovelace]
* minor fixes

(21.03.03) [lovelace.8a]

- disabled "kick/ban" feature because it was considered to be bad [lovelace]
* bug in LANcast, it works now [MoRpHeUs]
* bug in LANcast, it really works now [lovelace]
*+ fixed and updated A4AF [Yun.sf3]
* bug when completing files [Yun.sf3]
* LowID slot management [lovelace]
*+ new established modversion string compatble (tag:0x55," [%s]") [lovelace]
+ small/rare push based on waterlevels [lovelace]

(19.03.03) [lovelace.8] based on official 0.27a

+ new lovelace-"AntiCreditTheft"-feature implemented [lovelace]
+ "AntiFakeHandling" added [lovelace]
+ lovelace credit system added [lovelace]
* fixed filepriority [lovelace]
+ not only(!) 1st and last chunks are released [lovelace]
* changes for lovelace's "1st and last chunks"-release prio [lovelace]
*+ optimized upload slot management [lovelace]
+ upload speed per slot setting [lovelace]
+ SUC v2 implemented [lovelace]
- removed SharedFiles "obtained" statusbar
(because of high CPU usage and some misfunction)
+ added "Waterlevels" instead (less CPU-Usage) [lovelace]
* reask for file after canceled transfer [Ottavio84] modified [lovelace]
* potential spoof bug [sivka/moosetea]
+ reconnect on low ID [Tarod]
+ eMule-Mod identification for (Tarod/Lovelace/Plus/LSD/Oxygen/Morph/Fusion)
(for other mods, who like to update:
[lovelace] mod now sends: 0x77 1 0x90 '%s' //" [lovelace.'%s']")
+ GetClientSoftText()+ClientVersion Sorting [lovelace]
+* LowID slots direct add limitation [lovelace]
+ possibility to ban manually (please don't abuse) [lovelace]
+ possibility to kick (please don't abuse) [lovelace]
* Clientlistctrl Localize [LSD]
+ Overwrite Already Downloaded Parts And Chunk (Fake Block) [emarc]
* loading preferences.ini, MaxDownload ratio is not checked [jicxicmic]
* spanish translation error [Gargo00]
* nr. of category directories [bluecow]
+ funny nicknames [xrmb/MoRpH]
+ AntiCrashString/AntiCrashName/AntiFakePort [Vorlost/lovelace]
+ LANcast [MooseTea]
+ Auto-A4AF (enkeydev/sivka/Yun.sf3) [Tarod]
* additional small fixes
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Alt 21. June 2003, 17:03   #2
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@Lovelace !!!

Super !! endlich mal wieder was von Dir !!
.. werde mich gleich mal ans testen machen , sowie ich Datei habe ... ( im Moment findet EMULE noch keine Quelle)

cu .. de DQA321 .. nur ICH halt
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Alt 21. June 2003, 17:08   #3
Registriert seit: 07.12.2002
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Standard: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) Details


das da oben auch ein Direktlink steht, hast du aber gesehen, oder? Wenn nicht, frag mich nicht wo, sondern such ihn .

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Alt 21. June 2003, 17:12   #4
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Standard: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) Lösung: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003)

upps *schäm* ..... habe ich vor Freude das von Lovelace etwas da ist , gar nicht bemerkt naja... Nobody ist perfect !
cu .. de DQA321 .. nur ICH halt
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Alt 21. June 2003, 17:57   #5
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Standard: eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) eMule v0.29a [lovelace.11] (21.6.2003) [gelöst]

lovelace is back
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Alt 21. June 2003, 20:02   #6
Board-Äffchen !
Benutzerbild von NaP
Registriert seit: 18.01.2003
Beiträge: 1.563

klingt alles sehr interessant, fehlt nur noch das leechermod gebanne ausm morph mod
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Alt 21. June 2003, 20:06   #7
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warten wir es mal ab ! Auf jeden Fall ist es super das LOVELACE und auch MOPRH weitermachen ... gibts wieder ordentlich was zum Testen
cu .. de DQA321 .. nur ICH halt
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Alt 21. June 2003, 21:01   #8
Benutzerbild von cyrex2001
Registriert seit: 23.12.2002
Beiträge: 2.203

@[lovelace], danke für die neue version!
hast du dich doch, für die sivka-optionen, entschieden!

fragen zu einstellungen und problemen mit emule, einfach hier klicken! danke Xman!
signatur mit Blacklotus Onlinesig erstellt. (dank winki2099 auch mit emule 0.43 funzt)
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Alt 21. June 2003, 21:06   #9
Registriert seit: 28.02.2003
Beiträge: 101

ich habe einfach alle stimmen aus den emule-web und den emule.sf Umfragen zusammengezählt... War knapp, aber zugunsten sivka..
netgentry webdesign
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Alt 21. June 2003, 21:25   #10
Benutzerbild von cyrex2001
Registriert seit: 23.12.2002
Beiträge: 2.203

[lovelace], wie findes du die neue ban-funktion von morpheus-team, bindest du die auch, bei deinem mod ein?
achja, ich glaub die uncut-funktion funzt nicht!

fragen zu einstellungen und problemen mit emule, einfach hier klicken! danke Xman!
signatur mit Blacklotus Onlinesig erstellt. (dank winki2099 auch mit emule 0.43 funzt)
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Alt 21. June 2003, 21:51   #11
Board Methusalem
Registriert seit: 13.02.2003
Beiträge: 3.315

endlich ist er wieder da!
jetzt haben die leecher gar nix mehr zu lachen
hoffentlich hörst du jetzt nich wieder so plötzlich auf...

gruß dein fan
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Alt 22. June 2003, 01:04   #12
Junior Member
Registriert seit: 23.04.2003
Beiträge: 44

Ja die und Tschüss Funktion in der Uncut Version funzt wirklich nicht.Ist zwar nicht schlimm aber doch brauchbar wenn mal einer durch das Raster fällt oder einen UL Slot belegt und 0 zieht.
to be or not to be
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Alt 22. June 2003, 05:29   #13
Registriert seit: 22.06.2003
Beiträge: 13

Klasse der Mod,saugt echt super.Seid langem mal wieder

Nur kann mir das mal jemand erklären:

"Your Client has been banned because of unsocial sharing methods"

Versteh ich nicht ganz,wird der Mod von anderen als Leecher erkannt??
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Alt 22. June 2003, 05:46   #14
Advanced Member
Benutzerbild von Hoermaenn
Registriert seit: 23.02.2003
Beiträge: 102

Ich glaub das sind die MLdonkey, weil du mehr als 1000 leute in deine queue lässt.
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Alt 22. June 2003, 11:03   #15
Junior Member
Registriert seit: 19.04.2003
Beiträge: 38

Soeben ein kleiner schlechter Vermerk... ich mag zu sehr die Funktion " Community Mimic "
Ich bin im Geist, aber überhaupt in der Methode einverstanden
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