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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 11. January 2003, 06:05   #1
Board Methusalem
Registriert seit: 10.12.2002
Beiträge: 3.294
Standard: eMulePlus-0.24b-4 Problem: eMulePlus-0.24b-4





Things missing from our MOD (present in 0.24b official code):
- No estimated total users on the network counter
- Connection wizard

10.01.03 | eMulePlus 0.24b 4
BUGFIX: updated translations [Translators Team]
BUGFIX: potential crashes during server connection on startup solved [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: file quality list in "Change this File Comment" is now expandable [eMWu]
BUGFIX: VideoLAN preview now works 100% of the time [Cax2]
BUGFIX: potential crash when not showing part traffic eliminated [Cax2]
BUGFIX: solved a bug in Client Details window [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: WebServer: now it works with Opera (except images) [Julien]
BUGFIX: WebServer: minor fixes [Julien]
BUGFIX: solved problem with VideoLAN client preview when no space available on disk [noraguta]
BUGFIX: using server address instead of name to determine if you're already connected [DonGato]
BUGFIX: solved memory leak while adding sources [DonGato]
BUGFIX: now sources are removed again when a file completes [Cax2]
BUGFIX: resolved some GDI leaks [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: improved GDI usage [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: solved problem with Slow Completion of files [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: added Chinese Traditional language [krhung]
FEATURE: colour picker for the statistics screen [Cax2]
FEATURE: added xrmb's Part Status [DonGato]
FEATURE: open/close state of statistic-list entries is saved [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: random default-nick-names [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: hashing process priority now selectable (Standard/Lower/Idle) [DonGato]
FEATURE: WebServer: new columns in shared page [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: truncating long filenames [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: most of interface now multilingual [Translators Team]
FEATURE: WebServer: customizable templates [kuchin]
FEATURE: added xrmb TraffiGram [DonGato]
FEATURE: updated xrmb part traffic code to version 5 [DonGato]
FEATURE: font for IRC/Chat/Log now selectable [DonGato/Cax2]
FEATURE: now Active Connections scale is updated in realtime [DonGato]
FEATURE: delayed load of lists data to solve Windows 9x crashes on load [Lucas]
FEATURE: added Portuguese (Brazil) language [anderib]
FEATURE: added Korean language [momentum]
REDESIGN: rewritten file hashing thread to be syncronized with eMule, taking care of exit status [Lord Kiron]
REDESIGN: rewritten preferences to be thread safe [Lord KiRon]
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Alt 11. January 2003, 11:30   #2
Senior Member
Registriert seit: 04.12.2002
Beiträge: 474


Am Anfang war das Nichts und Gott sprach:"Es werde Licht".
Dann war da immer noch nichts, aber jeder konnte es sehen.
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Alt 11. January 2003, 11:40   #3
Board Methusalem
Registriert seit: 10.12.2002
Beiträge: 3.294
Standard: eMulePlus-0.24b-4 eMulePlus-0.24b-4 Details

oups, hab ich glatt übersehen ...

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