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Alt 10. February 2003, 14:45   #1
Registriert seit: 11.12.2002
Beiträge: 716
Standard: eMule 0.25b [.FusioN. - CodeName: Raven Evo b] Problem: eMule 0.25b [.FusioN. - CodeName: Raven Evo b]

eMule 0.25b [.FusioN. - CodeName: Raven Evo b]

Feature Backup Files Team .FusioN.
New preferences page that will allow you to back up files of selected type. Indespensible!

Feature Ability to Set Ban Message Action Team .FusioN.
Now you can set the action your client will take if your client receives a ban message. You can choose between do nothing, display both a message and change the icon of the client in your download list, display just the message, or display just the icon. This code is in beta stage, so feedback on its operation would be appreciated.

BugFix Another Crash on Exit Fix Team .FusioN.
Yet another fix to a possible crash on exit.

Feature Hard Limit per File Sivka
Now you can set the hard limit of source on a file per file basis.

Feature Re-ask for download enkeyDEV
If a client is marked as "No Needed Parts", your client will re-ask for new parts after transferring.

Feature Completed the Client Icon Lists Team .FusioN.
Now every list is capable of displaying all client type icons.

Feature Create ed2k links with sources from download list enkeyDEV
New menu option that allows you to create an ed2k link with sources from the download list.

Feature Download all ed2k links in the ClipBoard enkeyDEV
Start downloading from ed2k links that you have copied to your clipboard.

BugFix Fixes to WebServer kuchin
Fixed problems with webserver.

Feature Code for CPU Optimization Team .FusioN.
New code to reduce CPU usage slightly.

Feature Best Part Selection v. 2 Vorlost
Find the best part for transfer based on completion and rarity.

Feature Updated Queue Handling Sivka
Updated to Sivka's queue handling from v.5b9
Change Split the Advanced Preferences Team .FusioN.
The Andvanced preferences are now split in two to accomodate lower resolutions.

Feature Enable/Disable Speed Sliders Team .FusioN.
Now you can turn off the speed sliders that pop up on single click of the tray icon.

Feature Muliple ed2k links from Shared Files enkeyDEV
Allows you to create readable ed2k link lists from Shared Files.

Feature Queue Optimization Shrek69
The upload queue is optimised and each file has a quota of upload requests. A part of the upload queue is reserved to rare files.

Feature Lots of minor fixes and features Team .FusioN.
Minor fixes and features not worth mentioning.
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Alt 10. February 2003, 14:45   #2
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Registriert seit: 09.12.2002
Ort: España
Beiträge: 1.366

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