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eMule MODs - Allgemein Alles zu den eMule-MODs, die unsere Anforderungen für 'saubere' MODs erfüllen.

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Alt 31. March 2003, 21:10   #1
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Registriert seit: 27.12.2002
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Standard: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] Problem: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03]

eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04


Here it is the final version for the v0.26d serie.

The five main specific points of this mod are:
- Low CPU load
- 56k modem user friendly
- Full bandwith control (data + control)
- Enhanced upload control for a lower ping
- ...and stability (I hope)


PS: For people experiencing problem, please see [13].
Dump files could be sent to eMuleMaella@yahoo.fr (or a link to the file could be provided).


Mod based on v0.26
Sources: eMule0.26d.Maella.v2.04-sources.zip

Mod based on v0.25 (not supported any more)
Sources: eMule0.25b.Maella.v1.1-sources.zip

Mod based on v0.27 (Attention, pre-release)
Binaries: eMule0.27c.Maella.v3.0.Beta4-binaries.rar
Sources: eMule0.27c.Maella.v3.0.Beta4-sources.zip
changelog: changelog-Maella.txt

Homepage: http://emulemaella.free.fr/ (empty for the moment)


1. [FAF] -Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements-

For the users of analog modem (e.g. 56k), the bandwidth can be set with an increment of 0.1 [KB/s].

2. [patch] -Small latency-

The basic perdiod has been reduce from 100 ms to 50 ms.
This lower period help to have a better control of the bandwidth.

3. [patch] -New bandwidth control-

Both the controls for the upload and download datarate have been fully rewritten.
It should allow a smoother use of the bandwidth resources and a lower ping.
It corrects the bug of the Patch#5 (v0.26c only) that avoid a user to change its setting to a unlimitted download.
Attention: the upload limit should not be set to 'unlimited'

4. [patch] -Accurate measure of bandwidth: IP, TCP or UDP, eDonkey protocol, etc-

The complet measure of the bandwidth has been rewritten.
The computing of the bandwidth is proceed only once per second.
It should be much more accurate (almost real-time, average value for the last 2 seconds) and use less CPU time (based Ottavio84).
The overhead includes the IP overhead (partially), TCP and UDP overhead, eDonkey overhead + control. The measure is done at the Socket's interface.
New curves have been added to the graphics to display the 'Overall-current', 'Current', 'Average-minute' and 'Average-session' datarate.

5. [patch] -New Save/load Sources- enkeyDEV(Ottavio84)

This patch saves 10 sources per downloaded file.
The sources have an expiration of 3 days.
The sources are saved in the .txtsrc files, that are text and so human-readable.

6. [patch] -Enable/Disable source exchange in preference- (Tarod)

Now when Disable Exchanging Sources is active sources are not sent nor asked.
Users with a low bandwidth should better let the exchange source disabled.

7. [patch] -Overhead compensation (pseudo full rate control)-

This is the most experimental part of this mode.
It could be enabled/disabled in the preference.
When activated, the upload/downloads limits applied to the full bandwidth (data + overhead).
The upload/download control tries to compensate the measured overhead.

8. [patch] -General Code Improvement-

Divers code improvement to reduce the cpu load. Most of these changes have been reported in the Forum of the emule project

9. [fix] -Downloadlistctrl-

Fix a bug of the official release 'Sources are sometimes not displayed or displayed under the wrong file'.
This fix is still experimental.

10. [patch] -MTU Configuration-

The MTU can not be configured with the preferences.(See http://www.hms.com)

11. [patch] -Defeat 0-filled Part Senders- (Idea of xrmb)

Check if a received packet is not a fake. A packet and the source are rejected in two conditions:
- A packet is filled with the same pattern (e.g. only with zero)
- The compression factor is too high (>5x) for this kind of file (e.g. zip, rar, ace, mp3, ogg, jpg).
With some kind of file "*.nrg", it could be necessary to disabled this test in preferences.

12. [patch] -AntiCrash/AntiFake handling- (Vorlost/Mortillo)

Check the name of an Hello packet to avoid a crash.

13. [patch] -MiniDump/CrashRpt-

The CrashRpt.dll is OPTIONAL and may work only with XP.
Its purpose is to generate a Minidump file (< 50kB) during a crash.
This Minidump could be then used with the emule.pdb (generated during compilation) to locate the faulty line of code.
To use this dll, it must be first copied in the same directory als eMule.exe.
For details see (http://www.codeproject.com/debug/crash_report.asp).

14. [patch] -download Stops Prematurely- (jicxicmic)

In the case of the rarest part, it's important to focus on only one part to complete as quick and possible (and so to become a new source for it)
For the already widely available parts, it's better to spread the requests over all available parts => avoid a premature download stop

- already requested rarest chuncks => priority 1 (highest)
- rarest chunks => priority 2
- first/last movie chuncks => priority 2~3 (optional)
- Unfinished chuncks => priority 4
- Unasked chuncks (rand) => priority 5
- already requested rarest chuncks (rand) => priority 6 (lowest)

15. [patch] -Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55-

Use the universal mod identifier.

16. [patch] -Minimum Upload Slot-

The minimum number of upload slot can be configured with the preference (range 2..4)

Known bug

Upload limit should not be set to 'unlimited'
New sources could still be added to a completing file

To do

- Add support for 'Unlimited' upload
- Change the management of the upload slot
- Clean-up this change-log...

- March 30th, 2003
- v2.04 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -Remove EMSocket Try/catch => force use of miniDump instead-

- March 29th, 2003
- v2.03 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -Roll back IPFilter (v0.27c to v0.26d)-

- March 28th, 2003
- v2.02 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -support For Winxp Colorscheme "silver"- (bluecow)

[patch] -Add support for OP_SERVER_DESC_REQ + OP_SERVER_DESC_RES- (v0.27)
[patch] -Hybrid's Shared Directories/files from v0.27a- (bluecow)
[patch] -implementation of OP_END_OF_DOWNLOAD Hybrid opcode- (bluecow)
[patch] -Enhancing Source Finding By Using Friends- (bluecow)

[update] -DialogMinTrayBtn- (emulePlus-1c)
[update] -Security Pref- (v0.27c)

- March 23th, 2003
- v2.01 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix-patch] -Code Improvement- (Never ever do a last minute change. Fix download of block 540kB)

- March 23th, 2003
- v2.0 (base on official client v0.26d)

[patch] -Code Improvement-

[fix-patch] -Upload limit in setting-

- March 22th, 2003
- v2.0 RC6 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -dummy copy-n-paste error introduce in RC4- (fix crash during completing)

- March 22th, 2003
- v2.0 RC5 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -2 Gb Limit- (Mr.Faber)

[patch] -Minimum Upload Slot in tweak-

[modified-patch] -MiniDump/CrashRpt- (remove box for 'add ed2k: link')
[modified-patch] -Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55- (code improvement + sort order in Download list)
[modified-patch] -Defeat 0-filled Part Senders- (supercompressed => drop block, out-of-limit/compression error => ban)

- March 21th, 2003
- v2.0 RC4 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix-patch] -Catch incoming packets exception (wrong size)- (forgot to remove some old catch())

- March 21th, 2003
- v2.0 RC3 (base on official client v0.26d)

[merge] -Server list of v0.27a-

[patch] -Reask for file- (enkeyDEV(Ottavio84))
[patch] -Hashset Request For Files < Partsize- (bluecow)
[patch] -Overwrite Already Downloaded Parts And Chunk- (emarc)

[fix-patch] -Catch incoming packets exception (wrong size)-

- March 18th, 2003
- v2.0 RC2 (base on official client v0.26d)

[fix] -Divers (SwapSource, some debugLines, source exchange, etc..)-

[patch] -Limited DebugLine (verbose max 200 lines)-
[patch] -Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55-
[patch] -Heavy Code refactory (avoid heap, reduce CPU load)-

[fix-patch] -Defeat 0-filled Part Senders- (Idea of xrmb)

- March 14th, 2003
- v2.0 RC1 (base on official client v0.26d)

[patch] -Code Improvement-
[patch] -Catch incoming packets exception (wrong size)-
[patch] -Temporary ban IP of clients causing an error-

[modified-patch] -Defeat 0-filled Part Senders- (Idea of xrmb) => Dump userhash

- March 11th, 2003
- v2.0 beta14 (base on official client v0.26d)

[patch] -Downloading source list- Add security tests

Please Reports bugs here.

PS: sorry for my english
Gruß gvstarfleet
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Alt 1. April 2003, 15:23   #2
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Wenn den jemand getestet hat bitte hier posten!!


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Alt 1. April 2003, 16:01   #3
Board-Äffchen !
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Standard: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] Details

sag doch nich immer nach, dass andere den testen sollen, teste ihn doch mal selber

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Alt 1. April 2003, 16:23   #4
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Standard: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] Lösung: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03]

gvstarfleet, hast nich noch nen längeren chancelog gefunden????
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Alt 1. April 2003, 17:39   #5
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Standard: eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] eMule 0.26d Maella v2.04, Low latency mod [30-03-03] [gelöst]

Ich hab derzeit den Roman2k Mod, und der läuft sehr gut bei mir deswegen will ich nicht unbedingt wechseln wenn der Maella v2.04 nicht besser ist...
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Alt 4. April 2003, 13:32   #6
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Wo hast du denn Roman2k Mod her?
Ich habe überall gesucht aber
nichts gefunden!
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Alt 4. April 2003, 13:49   #7
Registriert seit: 07.12.2002
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Zitat von RW2002
Wo hast du denn Roman2k Mod her?
Ich habe überall gesucht aber
nichts gefunden!
Das stimmt wohl nicht ganz, siehe http://www.emule-web.de/board/viewto...hlight=roman2k , gefunden mit der Suche oben links.
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Alt 4. April 2003, 14:54   #8
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Da hast du ihn RW2002...
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