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Alt 3. November 2003, 17:44   #1
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Standard: eWombat Version 0.064d Problem: eWombat Version 0.064d


this is the new eWombat Version 0.064d
with 'SaferHash' and few bugfixes


you'll find the changelog and some infos on my homepage at http://www.atrac-com.de/emule.html

if you would, you may test it, and I am always grateful for bugreports, criticism and suggestions

The eWombat since Version 0.063 uses his own format for the 'client credits file'
Read the install*.rtf for more information

Read icons*.rtf for informations about eWombat Extra Icons

cmgrr (aka Darkwolf)

eWombat 0.064d based on eMule v0.30b/c

Changes from eWombat 0.064c
o Don't harm the Network
- If activated max. 10 Sources are safed per file (number of sources not changeable)
- Saved sources are only loadeded and added at startup
- sources older then 12 hours are ignored
- Server Refresh Interval default is set to 'deactivated' (0)
Settings from older eWombats will be reseted to 0
- Manual Client Refresh (Force Source Reask) removed

o SaferHash with JobQueues (based on Slugfiller's SafeHash)
- JobQueue 1:
Using a JobQueue for harddisk-access Threads except for hashing of just downloaded parts and buffer-flushing
User can decide how many jobs are processed simultaneously (1..10, default: 1)
Added 'Hash Jobs' list to Server-Window to show the waiting jobs
- JobQueue 2:
for hashing of just downloaded parts and buffer-flushing another JobQueue which allows
10 simultaneous jobs is used
- Count of running and waiting jobs for both queues is shown in MiniStatistics
- Harddisk Protection Patch adapted from skynetman
File Buffer Size from 32Kbyte - 3MByte in 32KByte steps (default: 512 KByte)
User can select File Buffer Time Limit from 1 - 10 minutes (default: 5 minutes)

o New leechers and bad eWombats added to S.N.A.F.U.
o Displaying real eWombat ram usage (physical storage that has been allocated, either in memory or in the paging file)
instead of systems virtual memory usage in Mini-Statistics

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.064c
- Chainreaktion Bug in CClientReqSocket::OnInit (Thanks to Grimlock72)

eWombat 0.064c based on eMule v0.30b

Introducing 'On The Fly Optimization'
o No more different *.exe for different cpu's
o on Startup eWombat checks the cpu capabilities.
o according to these check eWombat will use functions which are optimized for the detected cpu
- For this time only MMX and ATHLON/DURON optimization is supported for memcpy and md4cpy
but more optimizations for more cpu's will follow

o Strange A.U.B.W.C. Bug on some Systems when internet connection was lost or during server reconnection
- With A.U.B.W.C. Datarate was only correct if any client was ready to upload
o Trouble with XP-Themes and Styles (Thanks to Usul)
- if XP Theme was changed and eWombat not in Systray, sometimes eWombat crashed
- Ugly looking eWombat-settings with some XP-Themes (simply deactivated XP-Themes for some dialogs/controls)
- Added CXPTheme-Api to use XPThemes-Dll if available (OS >= WinXP) for future use (i.e custom controls)
o Complete Sources 30b from zegzav
o ContextMenu-Crash in any Clientlist if client-instance was NULL.
o [acronym="Maximale Anzahl der Quellen pro Datei"]Hardlimit[/acronym] in global/file settings is limited from 10-4000
o Slugfiller's SafeHash moved to sf-iom 0.39 code

Changes from eWombat 0.064b
o Don't harm the Network
- SLS sources are only added once at startup
- sources older then 12 hours are ignored
- No more then 50 sources can be saved per file
o Avoid some Overhead and 'Unnecessary Protocol Overload' (adapted from Maella)
- Sending only approved sources (when first time connection succeeded) via SourceXS
o added 'cant't connect' to Failed Upload/Download counter in Mini-Statistic
o Transferwindow shows Found-Sources and downloading sources in () for all files in selected cat
o Copy important settings to clipboard (thanks to emule-masters.net)

eWombat 0.064b based on eMule v0.30b

o GUI-Crash with Win98
o Cleanup-Menu was a clone of Fakes-Menu
o Snafulog changed to 'Verbose' after selecting new language
o On some Systems AUBWC caused an unstable Upload
- Added SendOnePacket() (idea adapted from maellas New bandwidth control)
- Removed Slugfiller's NoRefrag

Changes from eWombat 0.064a
o UDP-Fixes from eMule0.30b
o lugdunum 16.40 servers support from eMule0.30b
o Estimated complete sources from eMule0.30b with heap-sort from Slugfiller
o Slugfiller's Speed improvements made to the bar shader, making it display much faster than before.
o Slugfiller's Multi-layer sorting (but without saving for this time)
o Slugfiller's Download links can contain hostname sources, instead of just ip
o Enable/Disable source exchange in global and file-settings (adapted from Tarod)
o added spanish language dll with eWombat Strings (many thanks to ikAbOt)

eWombat 0.064 based on eMule v0.30a

The eWombat since Version 0.063 uses his own format for the 'client credits file'
Read the install*.rtf for more information

*** Codebase moved to eMule0.30a with fixed Security/Exploit leaks

Changes from eWombat 0.063

*** Upload-queue:
o Enable/Disable NoRefrag (adapted from SLUGFILLER)
- Revised code for creating upload packets to one that doesn't need to assume your fragment size and doesn't time out for low slot bandwidth
o Enable/Disable FullChunk-Transfer (adapted from SLUGFILLER)
o Simulated one queue per file (adapted from Maella/bloodymad)
o Push rare/small files (adapted from slugfiller/maella)
o Release Slots
- Select number of Slots for Releasefiles
- Release Slots are forced to use FullChunk Transfer
- if enabled all slots are forced to use simulated one queue per file
o Boost release files by factor 1..10
- disabled if releaseslots are used
o Allow Hybrids to Download

*** Download-queue:
o Save Load Sources adapted from enkeyDEV(kei-kun)
- sources will be saved to xxx.part.src (not human readable)
- Disable/Enable, 'Reload-Limit' and 'max. sources to save' can be changed individual for every file
- if found source lower then 'max. sources to save' every found source will be saved
o Rework of individual file settings
- now saved as xxx.part.prefs (human readable)
- *.prefs will be created for every file in download-queue
- saved file-name and ED2K-link
O Fake Block Check (adapted from lovelace)
- select exclude CD-Images,Video,Audio and Archive from check
- Enable/Disable individual for every file
- Ban senders of corrupted/fake blocks
o Always cleanup filenames
- if enabled on eWombat startup the filenames of all files on download will be cleaned

*** General
o SafeHash adapted from Slugfiller (thanks to Usul for the bugreport)
- no change to share any eWombat config-file
- already shared eWombat config-files will be removed
- Slugfiller's mergeKnown to avoid dublicate files
o Update IPfilter (Security Settings)
- Ipfilter.dat can be updated on startup or on demand...
- Url to update from is editable
o Fake Check (Security Settings)
- fakes.dat can be updated on startup or on demand...
- Url to update from is editable
- Additional User-defined fakelist
- Add files with comments to the user-defined fakelist
- Editable Web-Check Menu-Entry in Search- and Download-Tab (same syntax as webservices)
o Snafu V2
- Integrated Anti Credit Theft V2 (moved from lovelace to own code)
- hash-changers will be detected
- ban reason is displayed on ban-column
o Added Extras Button to Toolbar
- Screenshot of whole eWombat window to clipboard
- Display 'MyInfo'with own Hash/PublicKey in extra window
o Changed some eMule Icons (stolen from MorphMod, don't know who is the artist)
o Buffer Log/Debug-Log entries on Startup
o Use ALT+PrtScrn for Screenshots of active Window
o Use of Bitfileds instead of BOOL for eWombat Preferences Values
- Save's time & space for eWombat.ini

eWombat 0.063[S.U.I.] based on eMule v0.29b/c

Changes from eWombat 0.062

o S.U.I. 'secure user identification V2' adapted from eMule0.29c
- Added column 'S.U.I.' to waitingqueue and clientqueue lists to show the state of identification
- Added new Icons to all upload/download lists for clients with [acronym="Secure User Identification"]sui[/acronym]:
id-needed (yellow smiley), identified (green smiley), id-failed (red smiley)
([acronym="Secure User Identification"]sui[/acronym] v2 clients are shown with a small '+' at the right-top of the smiley)

o S.N.A.F.U. Improved
- Added snafu/leecher-log for s.n.a.f.u. and act-messages. Enable/Disable 'Safe to Disk'
- Leecher Detection improved (less CPU-Time, more Leechers)
- clients which are identified by S.U.I. won't get checked by S.N.A.F.U. or ACT anymore

o Changed directory structure and clients.met format
- Own ClientCreditFile Format (./config/eWombat.ccf) with converter tool.
If you want to use it with any other eMule/mod you can convert it with the ClientCredits.exe (included with the binaries)
to a eMule0.29b or pre eMule0.29b clients.met
- any old clients.met/trusted.met will be imported
- new config and backup-directory:
existing preferences.ini, preferences.dat in maindirectory will be used on initial start
existing cryptkey.dat in ./config will be used on initial start
- Logs are now written to ./logs directory

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.062
- no log-entry (log, verbose) will be lost on startup if the main-window is not ready
- Slugfillers Safe Disconnect added
- Fixed Bug in Packet:ackPacket() from MKThunderStorm
- Fixed Bug in manual cleanup which could delete new added sources and 'not yet asked' sources
- Fixed: possible memoryleak in CClientCreditsList::LoadList() if entry already exists
- Fixed: clients using [acronym="Secure User Identification"]sui[/acronym] and are not identified could get credits due to waitingtime
o Removed MultiCode-Language Resources for future use of language.inis

eWombat 0.062 based on EMule v0.28a/0.29a

Changes from eWombat 0.061

o USING new winsock2.dll (Version 2) if avaiable (OS >=Win98SR2)
- mfc-sockets only used old winsock.dll
o Using of Cpu-HighPerformanceCounter as timer for speed-measurement if avaiable
o Hide overshares adapted from Slugfiller
- Parts in a file uploaded a certain amount of times more than the least uploaded parts are not revealed to other users.
This is to prevent a case where all the users download the same part and the other parts become less spread.
You can set the amount of times a part has to be uploaded before it's hidden, or disable it
o Progress bar in the shared files list showing how many times was each part of a file uploaded adapted from Slugfiller
- Uses black and blue colors, like the download progress bar. Black means never uploaded, light blue means uploaded a little,
dark blue means uploaded alot.
o Enable/Disable Small File Push Ratio adapted from VQB
- Files under 1 [acronym="9,28 MB grosse Teile, aus denen die runter/hochgeladenen Dateien bestehen"]chunk[/acronym] get a priority boost in inverse ratio to their size.
- A 1 [acronym="9,28 MB grosse Teile, aus denen die runter/hochgeladenen Dateien bestehen"]chunk[/acronym] file(or above) gets no boost, and a 9.28k(1/1000 [acronym="9,28 MB grosse Teile, aus denen die runter/hochgeladenen Dateien bestehen"]chunk[/acronym]) file(and below) gets the maximal boost of times 1000.
- file boost ratio can be seen in an extra column in the upload window.
o rework of upload-queue ('eXtended upload' and 'Automatic Upload Bandwith Control')
- 20% of max. connections are reserved for upload-queue with active 'spread connections'
o rework of downloadqueue
- Autocleanup is only performed when there are new sources for a file (adapted from eMulePlus)
- active download-files displaying how many sources are not yet asked in []
o Keep ip-filtered clients out of queue adapted from Harvey56
o experimental settings only set to default after restart if they are lower then defaults (thanks to Mr.Blonde)
o added 'prever first and last chunk' to the individual file settings (thanks to Mr.Blonde)
o new description for experimental settings (thanks to Usul)
o manual set all shared files to low-priority except files with release-priority (thanks to MxM)
o support non-ip ed2k download links adapted from Slugfiller (thanks to Odinasgardson)
o support non-ip ed2k server links adapted from eMulePlus/Netwolf
o S.N.A.F.U. slightly improved
- Detected leecher clients can now be kicked from downloadqueue too.
- now blocks message-flooding from banned mods
o Added TCP/IP Settings
- connection timeout (the time a socket trys to establish a connections)
- send/receive data timeout (the time without sending or receiving data a socket is closed)
o support for incoming OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID adapted from Maella
o Mod Veersion via MOD_VERSION tag is shown after client-version
o CompareClients first checks by ip:port so that the same ip:port can't be at queue twice (adapted from NoamSom)

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.061
o fixed: SafeHash can crash eWombat on startup
o fixed: manual cleanup only deletes 10 sources
o fixed: sometimes incompatible *.met files
- float-tags are not written due to compatibility with other eMule versions/mods
o fixed: shared-files statistics could be initialisized with ugly values
- Added 'Reset this file statistics' to eliminate saved ugly values
o fixed: A4AF Handling
o fixed: Manual Cleanup
o fixed: sending only one instead of two TCP packets of 1300 (2*1300) at the same time
o Removed: 'Accurate speed measurement adapted from BadWolf(Ottavio84) (<=eMule029a)' due to trouble with
'eXtended Upload' and 'AUBWC'

ToDo for 0.063:
o Adding new eMule0.29b RSA secure identification system (against userhash "stealing")
o Rework of the 100ms Timer to avoid 'High CPU-Usage trouble' which causes incorrect speedmeasurement and
can interrupt upload/download queue (many connection timeouts)

eWombat 0.061 (HOTFIX) based on EMule v0.28a/0.29a

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.060
o fixed: spread connection to avoid high 'too many connection' now working an can be enabled/disabled
- trys to avoid high 'too many connections' and gives every file a change to connect to the sources during
timeslots of 1 second depending on the files priority
o fixed: Fixed source exchanged sending IDs instead of IPs apapted from Slugfiller-VQB
o fixed: Recheck needed parts when known needed parts finished downloading adapted from Ottavio84-VQB
o fixed: saving statistic-values also to the preferences.ini in the main directory to avoid problems
with onlinesig tools (for some of these tools you must also rename the eWombat.exe to eMule.exe)

eWombat 0.060 based on EMule v0.28a/0.29a

Changes from eWombat 0.056
o S.N.A.F.U. (AntiCreditTheft2/eXtended AntiLeecher)
- Detected leecher clients will be banned and can be manually kicked from uploadque or can be unbanned
- Not based on AntiCommunity-Strings
o SafeHash adapted from slugfiller
- Only one known file is hashed at a time. Part file completion is done regardless of currently hashing known files.
- Refreshing the shared files while files are hashing no longer causes these files to be hashed twice.
- Temp files can't be shared, even if the temp directory is shared. Only temp files actually used by eMule are filtered,
so other files in the directory can still be shared.
- Closing eMule while files are still hashing no longer causes any crashes, and all threads exit quickly and safely.
- Only complete chunks of part files are rehashed, instead of the entire part file.
o Accurate speed measurement adapted from BadWolf(Ottavio84) (<=eMule029a)
o A4AF Handling adapted from sivka/eMule
- Manual swap all A4AF to this file"
- Manual swap all A4AF To other files
- Auto swap all A4AF to a selected file
- automatic swaps no needed part clients to other files (<=eMule)
o Cleanup Queue Menu Added
- Manual drop NoNeedSource, FullQueueSource, QR>max(changeable) Source and Unknown Sources
o individual file preferences
- For every file in downloadqueue cleanup-values and MaxSources are changeable
- If not changed they'll use the main-preferences
o New/Cleaned preferences tabs: eWombat upload, eWombat download, eWombat settings
o moved files preferences.* to config\eWombat.* and adresses.dat,ipfilter.dat,shareddir.dat, webservices.dat to config\*.*
o DrawStatusBar slightly improved and fixed

o additional blackbox-release with extended error-reports (if you want to help me finding bugs)

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.056/EMule 0.28a
o fixed: Flushing On Part Completion To Avoid Corruption (adapted from skynetman)
O fixed: Corrupted Upload Client List In Cknowfile, can cause crash or bad obtainedpart data (adapted from zegzav)
o fixed: download Stops Prematurely (adapted from jicxicmic)
o fixed: catching crashs when using 'gethostbyname' with third party winsock DLLs (<=eMule029a)
o fixed: little Bug in ProxyLayer for ASyncSocketEx
o fixed: some float to int conversions (<=eMule0.29a)
o adapted exeption-handling from eMule0.29a

ToDo for 0.070:
o Statistik and onlinesig PlugIn
o SMS (sending/receiving messages)
o avoiding connenction peaks
o individual selectable tempdir for files in downloadqueue
o speed improvments (maybe replacing OnTimer-procedures with real threats)
o friendslist rework

eWombat 0.056 based on EMule v0.28a

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.055
o fixed multiple instances of one source
o fixed loading/saving credits.met
- if credits.met is corrupted eWombat trys to open credits.met.bak
- clients with no credits won't be saved
o fixed 'client's with incrorrect names get std. names'
o possible fix for onlinesig

eWombat 0.055 based on EMule v0.28a

Bugfixes from eWombat 0.050/eMule v0.28a
o MetaTag 4 (floatvalues from Hybrid 0.4 fixed (<= eMule 0.28b)
o Memory leak every time updateing 'server.met' from a URL fixed
o exit eWombat before hash completes fixed
o Show Downloadinfo On Category Tabs fixed
o Added some Exeption-Handling for mysterios eWombat-Crash
o Disconnect from server at exit

Changes from eWombat 0.050
o 'Unlucky Donkey Patch'
*** Non-eMule Clients with a userhash that looks like eMule-userhash
*** are now identified as eDonkey Clients and not eMule Version 0!
o Added remove download-clients with unknown status to automatic/manual Cleanup
o prevent disconnection between uploading chunks if there is no one in queue
o UL-Slot Handling settings rework
o Client's with incrorrect names get std. names
o Client's sending incrorrect Port in Hello-Packet are corrected

ToDO for 0.06:
o Adding helpfile for eWombat settings
o replacing redundant code
o better download-queue handling

eWombat 0.050 based on EMule v0.28a

Changes from eWombat 0.041

o Changed AsyncSocket*** 1.1 to 1.2
o Enhanced Slot Handling
Switch between eWombat UL-Handling and eMule UL-Handling
Enable/Disable 'Automatic Upload Bandwidth Control'
*** eWombat UL-Handling and 'Automatic Upload Bandwidth Control'
*** are disabled if upload-limit is 0 (UNLIMITED)
o Reconnect on LowID
o Small code improvments
o cleandup sourcecode

ToDO for 0.06:
o replacing redundant code
o better download-queue handling

ToDO for 1.00:
o Splitting into several DLL-Files
o Adding COM-Interface (for Plugins)

eWombat 0.041 Bugfix for 0.040

o UL-Slots are fixed
o Fallback to orginal eMule-Creditsystem
o Enable/Disable Creditsystem
o Credits are saved priodical

Importend things ToDO for 005:
o more accurate speed measurement
o reducing file io

eWombat 0.04 based on EMule v0.28a

Changes from eWombat 0.03

o Anti Credit Theft adapted from lovelace
o Anti 0-Filled Parts adapted from lovelace
o Block Friendshare Leecher-Mod Clients
o Credit System modifikation adapted from lovelace
o Sending additional eWombat Version in eMuleInfoPacket
(Just for development purpose)
o Hide Client Version in Download-List

eWombat 0.03 based on EMule v0.28a

o Add Client to friendlist fixed...
o eWombat Preferences Input Field Values fixed...
o Color of MiniStatistik are info- or button-color by settings

Changes from eWombat 0.02

o Minimum/Maximum UL-slots settings
o Experimental:
'Find Sources from Server' Timer Settings
'UDP Packet sent' Timer settings
*** don't set this too low, it wont speed up anything, but it could kill emule or your
*** internetconnection
*** these values are changed to default by every eWombat restart.

eWombat 0.02 based on EMule v0.28a

Changes from eWombat 0.01
o MiniStatistik added

eWombat 0.01 based on EMule v0.28a

Changes from Emule v0.28a:
o Webserver functions eliminated...
o IRC functions eliminated...
o CHAT functions eliminated...
o STATISTIK functions eliminated...
o Small code improvments

Additions to Emule v0.28a:
o Automatic/Manual Cleanup of High Queue Raking Sources, NoNeeded Part Sources and
Full Queue Sources. Prefrences-Dialog for Setting up the Values/Timer for this.

o Changing GetTickCount() to High Resolution Timers
o Fake File Handling
o Leecher Handling
o Automatic A4AF Handling
o Automatic Queue Hard/Soft limits
o Upload Slot Settings
o PlugIn Dlls for Irc/Chat/Statistik and Webserver
o Cleaning up MFC-Code
o Kaaza Protocoll integration
Greetz euer malla

Für meine Rechtschreibfehler ist Frau Goldmann verantwortlich
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Danke malla, warst ein paar Minuten schneller (Ich bin beim releasen vom Telefon unterbrochen worden)

Damit keiner durcheinanderkommt, das ist aus dem eWOmbat Thread in emule-project.net, aber auch echt


eWombat Version 0.066a
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Standard: eWombat Version 0.064d eWombat Version 0.064d Details

Kommt der Übersicht halber trotzdem in die Tonne

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