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Alt 24. March 2006, 23:00   #1
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Registriert seit: 01.12.2005
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MOD Releases: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] Problem: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006]

eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25
updated to 0.47c
fixed many bugs
added funynick
removed ISP-T
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.20b
added: ip kolumn to kad contact list
changed: more smove ping graph
fixed: bug in release preferences page
fixed: a few small isp-t bugs
fixed: a bug in download trothled
fixed: generif republishing bug
fixed: corruption blackbox false positivs
fixed: bug in critical RBT
fixed: server reconect bug
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.20a
[added] minimule setting fo shouce "top most window" or not
[added] catch all handler for argos DLP to not crash on exceptions inside the DLP.dll
[changed] Toolbar speedemter is now a Cwnd instad of CDialog, what gives a much easyer handling
[changed] reworked tooltip output, fixed a crash bug on queue list and improved information output in all lists
[changed] the cleint how sends teh right v3 version in hello, it is not possible to emulate a v1 cleint to a v2 succesfuly
[fixed] small bug in calculation if IP pverhead of fragmented packets
[fixed] major bug in handling of the upload BW throtler control socket queue
[fixed] minimule window not does not longer flash up on cleint startup
[fixed] fixed 2 major bugx in Neo XS
[fixed] fixed some memlabes in MenuXP
[Fixed] downlaodlistcrel detail menu command
[Fixed] sorting bug on downlaod and shared list crtl
[Fixed] major bug in Share single files
[Fixed] NAT-T connection condition bug
[Fixed] ISP-T port to send selection bug
[Fixed] reload share button
[Fixed] NTB file list bug related to categorys
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.20
NATS - [NatSupport] Added proper handling for clients behind a nat
:: detect correct extern nat port using kad buddy
:: refresh nat context to keep port alive
:: send correct port to cleints
:: fix Get...ClientByIP_UDP return only by IP if no to clients with the same IP

NATT - [NatTraversal] Added NAT Traversal over UDP
:: Detect Nat Traversal Capabilities over kad
:: Synchronise nat Traversal atempt over kad buddys
:: Puntch UDP Whole and confirm
:: Excange furder NAT Traversal configuration

NSS now saved buddy info to

UTCP - [UserModeTCP] Added Streaming connection emulation over UDP packets
:: CEMsocket is not longer a real socket class, it contains an abstract object that can be the CAsyncSocketEx or the CNATSocket
:: Added CNATSocket for reaialable streaming connections over UDP
:: Implemented uplaod buffer
:: Implemented download buffer

:: Implemented Self clocked sending
:: Implemented RTT and Timeout calculation using "Jacobson and Karels' New Algorithm"
:: Implemented Congestion control and Flow control
:: Implemented Fast Retransmission
:: Implemented Slow Start
:: Implemented Timeout mechanism
:: Implemented Fast Recovery
:: Implemented Dynamic Congestion Window Shrinking

:: Reworked Fast Retransmission prozedure

:: Finished UTCP implementation
:: Added proper debug output
:: wroten an exosting code commentation

some gui fixes
Added Xman uploading problem client
changes file status bar collowring on error
changed cat filters (lit)
added obrional full info in server window idea by lit
added NSTI - [NewSystemTrayIcon] code from lit
changed file sorting order idea by lit
added obtion to resime files only by linear priority

ISP traversal v3:
added secure connection onformation to the free space of the neo kad tag implemented for NAt traversal
now only one port uses the default DH parameters
all other ports uses rundomly choisen DH parameters (the Prime is used also to secure the PK mode)
Now the port and DH parameters are only given to trusted cleints (cleints that are a source or asked for a valid file)

Fixed a critical but in SCC
Added Secure TCP Callbacl functionality uing buddy

Added encryption for UDP reask ping
Added encryption for NAT traversal
Added udp reask ping for nat traversal

Fixed a bug in Socket Hot Swap

Moved all neo protocol extensions to the ModProt.

Adapted XS for Nat Traversal

fixed some critical bugy in the neo mod prot

fixed a mod multi packet prot bug related to the entry size information
ARGOS: added 3 new detection methods from xman, and 1 new own detection method
ND: fixed a major debug problem from the official client, timer functions does not crash on an exception this is now fixed by using messages and the timers only Post tham so now every exception wil cause a crush as it should and so the bug will be easy to solve

removed the NEO kad tag
now we identyfy the NAT-T capability by an KAD published TCP port == -1
the ISP-T capabilities are now put into teh user hash, the user will be asked for permission
Reworked Neo XS now works even better for ISP-T

Move the most neo tags from the hellow to a new mod info packet, left compatybility in hello for WC, ICS v1, EDT, L2HAC, ISP-Traversal v1

Added LUC - [LowIDUplaodCallBack] it is nessesery for slooth working of NAT Traversal
Improved Argos DLPx Interface

Added new toolbar, basing on the efmod, but fully skinable and the codeside of the implementation is radical simplyfyed, the class can be sinply used as substitution to the mormal toolbar class.
Added new MenuXP implementation, the implementation does not requirer any changes in the menus, you haev just to replace the TitleMenu klass with the XPMenu class

Added file darg and drop to the shared window

Added proper support for users behind a symetric NAT thay can connect to fullcone nat users

Fixed a small problem with nat ports and improved cpu performance

Added phoenix tooltips
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.12b
Fixed a bug in bind to adapter
fixed a minor voodoo packet handling bug
Fixed freez on shutdown
Fixed a slot control bug
added FSUR - [FixStartupLoadReq] from Xman1
reworked DownloadKeapAlive
reworked ReadBlockThread, now we have one thread per file and can queue the requests,w e can nur process more that one block per cleint at the same time
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.12
[FEATURE] POFC - [PauseOnFileComplete] Allows automatically stopping of near to complete files and complete them manually
[FEATURE] SSF - [ShareSingleFiles] Allows sharing of single files instead of entire directories
[FEATURE] USC - [UnShareCommand] Allows under hard restrictions to remove a complete file from share without removing it from the shared directory, should make managing or releasers easier for releasers
[FEATURE] ASP - [ActiveSpreading] Allows actively to search for people who wants download the file from one, designed for cases where a releaser have a often short time (less than an our) access to a high speed connection eg. University or simmilar
[FEATURE] FCCP - [FixConnectionCollision] From the Morph Mod (SiRoB)
[FEATURE] USPS - [UnSolicitedPartStatus] Allows our client to receive part status at any time however it’s not used yet
[FEATURE] RBT - [ReadBlockThread] From the Morph Mod, reworked for the needs of the voodoo
[FEATURE] FFT - [FileFlushThread] From Morph
[FEATURE] SSH - [SlugFillerSafeHash] Reworked to have only one hashing thread per PartFile, Moved AICH hashing also to a Separate Thread, adapted to the needs of SCV
[FEATURE] XCTA - [XmanExtenedCreditCableArragement] from the Xtreme Mod
[FEATURE] FB - [FeedBack]
[FEATURE] TPP - [TrayPasswordProtection]
[FEATURE] DSB - [DynamicSocketBuffer] From Morph, changed a bit, buffer size is now adapted to individual client slot speed not to the default slot speed, required for slot focus
[FEATURE] FDC - [FileNameDisparityCheck] From the TK mod a little bit improved
[FEATURE] C&P, reset file preferences, makes managing file prefs much easyer
[FEATURE] file rate push
[FEATURE] improved kad interface, now for comment search you have a cancel option and added percentage of search progress to the kad list
[FEATURE] Relative Chunk Display
[FEATURE] option to hide voodoo files, use pw prot show without a password to view the voodoo files
[FEATURE] changed upnp support to the one from XMan1, changed some parts to be compatible with multi AUX ports and hot port switching
[FEATURE] remove/remember unused AICH-hashes from XMan1
[FEATURE] MORPH ipfilter kad
[FEATURE] Menu command to add servers to IPFilter
[FEATURE] When file gets completed the calculated AICH hash is corresponding to the starred AICH hash to be sire the file is really OK.
[FEATURE] improved dynamic block request now we can request more than 3 blocks at one this should help users on very fast lines

[CHANGE] voodoo error handling ignore commends for last error file
[CHANGE] search ed2k hash menu option to verify file identity
[CHANGE] find file by ed2k for share window
[CHANGE] upload size based release limit for the Release Priority
[CHANGE] SEF, now files are always placed in the shared window imminently
[CHANGE] Isp Traversa, added a new secure encryption method DX2, and the ability to send plain file data
[CHANGE] Isp Traversa, discard plain connections on secure port
[CHANGE] voodoo added per file speed info
[CHANGE] throttled chunk list display to the file status bars
[CHANGE] many optimisations from XMan1
[CHANGE] increased dead source list time when TCP connection retry is enabled; it reduces overhead and practically does not cost us sources
[CHANGE] NTB added a separator button
[CHANGE] SCV now checks the entire parts so every part is rehashed by AICH.

[BUGFIX] disconnect voodoo on begin of shutdown
[BUGFIX] restore main window for multi instance client
[BUGFIX] fixed a bug in cancelling voodoo ed2k searches.
[BUGFIX] other minor fixes
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.11
Fixed many bugs
Improved the trothle chunk list for voodoo
Fixed some bugs in auto hatd limit

Added ISP travetsal to bypass ISP trotheling/blocking.
Multi Port communication
XOR packet encrpytion on session key base
SUI PK encrpytion for key exchange
Diffie-Hellman key aggreament for session key aggrement on new first connection
Download: Binaries & Sources (eMule-web.de-Mirror)

ältere Changelogs
Changelog 4.10:

Corrected CreateSrcInfoPacket for a4af

Fixed minor voodoo list bug

Fixed a critical bug in upload queue

Improved upload speed per slot to 1 Mb/s (approximated 10 mbit/sec/slot)

Changed file resume on complete, now it resumes also stopped files like the official client do

Merged to 0.47a
LC: Added over 4 gb size support, compatible, expected file search in some cases
VOODOO: Added over 4 gb size support, fully compatible with old versions

Fixed a bug in special file states
BPS: Added xman's better passive source finding
PIX: Add option for serial part import to import also incomplete parts from a damaged temp file
BC: Fixed a major bug in trickle speed management
BC: Updated auto max up estimation
BC: Changed trickle/drop blocking strategy a little bit, now it’s more dynamic

SCFS: added "SmartClientFileStatus", stores client file status for every file we got
ICS: Added part catch functionality to IPS management
ARGOS: dlp is now a core internal part of the detector engine, and has a bigger flexibility
ARGOS: by default I'll provide a dlp.dll that can handle the antileech.dll of the xtreme, no need to keep 2 lists up to date so I’ll save some time ... ok
ARGOS: Add hash to detector to lechers.dat, not used currently but in case may be useful
ARGOS: Removed Argos own anti spam method, now using the official one instead, the official list is user editable so it's more flexible
ARGOS: Added missing tests to processmuleinfopacket

VOODOO: Added option to disable voodoo for specified files
VOODOO: Added corruption handling, corrupted senders are broadcasted to all nodes and ip banned
VOODOO: Reworked upload buffer
VOODOO: Added throttle chunk now it is allowed only one node to download a part at the same time to prevent conflicts
VOODOO: Added multi master supports, one voodoo file can now have multiple masters at the same time
VOODOO: Source export is now bidirectional master can request source list from his slaves

KAD patch "Getclosestto" from Unknown1
Updated some code from SF

Fixed a cat bug in associating default category
Fixed a shared list ctrl sort bug
Fixed small suspend download bug
Fixed a small preferences bug
Added optional disable statistic graphs smoothing
Changed the file background in shared window, has now the light colour of the own category
Added mass rename from morph, changed window is now modeless and resizable
Added: save minimule position
RIC: fixed a small bug
Added option to set buffer time and increased buffer size, now located in Extended II page
Added optional client percentage
Added optional category colour/info flags and extended category info

ARGOS: emcrypt clients are now detected as faked client
WC: updated webcache to the newest morph implementation
RPS: reworked real part status, the new version will not communicate with the old one. they are incompatible, old clients will see the protocol extension disabled
ICS: fixed a *major* bug in udp packets related to "Incomplete part status" and "real part status" it causes an error and the udp reask fails,
I used the opportunity to completely rework the udp based protocol extensions, all mod extensions are written on the end of the packet together with identification opcode like in multipackets

SCT: added sub chunk transfer, own implementation

SCV: added sub chunk verification, yet disabled the AICH part is not redy

Fixed some annoying bugs
Added save last category
ICS: fixed a memory bug delete was used instead of delete []
SCT: added block display

IPS: added selection for release calculation method
IPS: added optional always show incomplete parts (speed's up release)
RPS: now refers only to the global selection, its more informative
NTB: Added optional mini neo toolbar with custom buttons
MM: The info labels in minimule are now user editable basing on a simple text format
OCS: Other credit systems added 10 additional credit systems from qMule

Added UPnPNat support from morph
Added ICSFirewall improvement from morph
NTB: changed now the number of buttons can be chosen and the buttons gets the proper menu icon and also tooltips enabled

Fixed some more bugs
SCV: finished AICH part

NPT: reworked block model to match the AICH block distribution
LC: fixed a small adapter choice bug
ECR: added Enhanced Client Recordation from Spike2
DBR: added Dynamic Block Request from zz, optimized for better fast/LAN connections support

ZZCC: added zz Chunk Choicer improvement
LC: Improved LAN upload to 10MBit/sec/slot
KII: added some improvements to the kad GUI just a bit more informative
MOD: added optional reload share (was already there but the preference missing)
CXk: added optional kad known comments, we will publish comments for all know files
VOODOO: get hashset and co from a random slave when working in offline mode
VOODOO: filter own IP from source exchange/export

Small improvement in low id adding, replaced m_bAddNextConnect with US_PENDING, so we save come memory
SCT: sent sub chunk map only when there are no other parts for the remote client
MM: options to disable
PIX: auto mode selection
PIX: added option to import blocks into partially competed parts
CRC: added morph crc calculation/tagging, window is now modeless

NST: added some long missing settings

NPT: reworked part traffic once more, this time basing on SF spread bars

NMFS: Added morph multi friend slot, session ratio as usual, but max friend slot amount limited to minimal slots-1
NMFS: save friend slot from sion
BM: added Bandwidth Moderation separate bandwidth allocation for release and friend slots, like in morph, but own code

PSA: added prefer share all from sf
KLC: added Khaos Lugdunum Credits Anti-Blacklisting when sharing many files from "The Black Hand" mod, recoded
BC: reworked data rate calculation a bit, added statistic for release file transfer and added graphs for the managed bandwidth

NSA: fixes a bug in handling of table gabs containing serialise entries
ARGOS: Readded anti xs fastask/exploid, should take care of all official bugs and don’t cause false positivs
SCT: added sub chunk map to UDPx extension
SCT: added serialised map sending, with the time the whole map will be sended, the udp packets are only sended when the list isn't complete yet.
ARGOS: Added anti file faker idea by wizard, but own more secure implementation working for tcp and udp
ARGOS: Added anti udp aggression idea by sivka, own simplified implementation

DS/NSD added limit mode setting absolute/percentage/targeted/disabled
NTB: added some more options to the neo toolbar for pw protection

NCAP: fixed 2 bugs
Added 2 additional statistic graphs, total source count and queue size, all scalable, additionally the upload/download connection graphs are scalable too for fast uploaders

NTB: added 2 file preferences buttons
AHL: added max/stulle Global Hard limit to Auto hard limit options
AHL: begin always with the minimal limit and go up

NSS: added options to auto save sources on runtime, good in case of a crash but may cause CPU usage peeks
PP: hide filenames in logs and minor lists

NSA: fixed a bug that occures when a gap in gap in gap was deleted
VOODOO: fixed a multi master bug

ARGOS: added a reset button to the message filter
Changelog 4.02:

BC: blocking sockets can be downgraded automaticly to trickles
BC: Added increase trickle speed
BC: check slot datarate is obtional
ASM: reworket a bit
PT: Added Release slot limit
RT: addes PS mode to release priority, also mixed mode avalibly (PS only below low limit, above low lomit only normal release till high limit reached)
NST: added setting for XS delay

BC: Completly reworked the slot management, basing on "Xtreme Upload"
BC: Added Open more slots when needed.

BC: Reworked uplaod bandwidth throtheler for data packets, concept basing on "Xtreme Upload" from Xman1
BC: Added obtional double send size to save overhead
BC: USS can now veto against a new slot.

BC: readded auto max uplaod etimation
BC: Reworked uplaod bandwidth throtheler for control packets
BC: Changed Blocked queue is completly recoded and now obtional

BC: Reworked download bandwidth throtheler, fixes some major isues of the old concept
BC: Added multi UDP packet reciving, shoudl solve some old problems

BC: Splited BC in 3 sub segments, Neo UL/DL trotheler demand BC to be included, however with some trivial fixes thay can be also used without BC

BC: fixed Slot problem on high speed conenctions

NBC: Fixed a bug in direct tcp sending
FIX: Fixed major source count bug
XSC: Added source cache own implementation supports force reask and drop, idea by xMan1 xtreme mod

NAFC: fixed a critical bug

ARGOS: Removed Anti XS Punishment, there are some basig failiers in the concept that seems to be unsolvable.
FIX: Fixed a critical A4AF bug that may occure with two neo clients connected together

VOODOO: Fixed some bugs
VOODOO: Added new action tybe VA_BLOCK to block unwanted voodoo nodes
NSA: simplafyed the port integrity analysis
NSA: Fixed critical freeze bug, failsafe for damaged or overlaping tables

VOODOO: Added search forwarding, now you can run the master client without any internet connection and you wil have the main fonctionality granted (for example you can run the master in a higly firewalles network segnemt while posting your slave in your DMZ the slave can be used by many masters)

VOODOO: Added Neo File Preferences Support
VOODOO: Added Neo Downlaod Command Support
NSS: Source list loading can be aborted by esc
VOODOO: Added Extended states (forced/suspended/standby) to download instructions
VOODOO: Added UL/DL priority support
VOODOO: Added A4AF command Support

VOODOO: Fixes a share directive bug
NSS: Now saves the m_nConnectIP for voodoo source exchange
MOD: Added stop download sommand to download clinet list
VOODOO: removed timeout for voodoo sockets.
VOODOO: Added new connection action type "partner" for cros connection
VOODOO: Added cros connection abbilities
VOODOO: Some otimisations
VOODOO: Reworked download/shared list synchronisation, to fit beter to virtual files
VOODOO: Added bidirectional new source exchange.
VOODOO: Added Master to slave source export, for beter functionality with virtual files.
VOODOO: Aded VT_FEATURES tag for obtional voodoo features
VOODOO: added up/doen stats from slaves shown in title bar only, tag formated so mor datas can be added.

OCF: Now force command works also for suspended states (to by pas softlock and/or OCC)

SFL: fixed major tag reading bug

FSI: now dl sorting by states also works for standby and suspended state
NEW: Recoded cserverconnect

FIX: fixed a packet copy problem
HUC: MSH obtimitasion for use with SF-IOM udp cache
XUC: disabled fr normal collecting, causes problems, now used only for manual udp bootstrap
ARGOS: gixed dlp auto update bug

NCAP: fixed major bug
Changelog 4.01:

MSH: added get all for for beter initial bootstrap
ARGOS: removed XS exploid punishment, until the functionality of the feature will be veryfyed

NCAP: fixed a small bug

FIX: some more small bugs
MLD: fixed a bug with the up down buttins in the download window
SE: Now more the one file can be expanded
MOD: Fixed some bugs in the download list menus

SO: Beter handling when internet connection is down
NI: changed server icon
ARGOS: Added obtional plain anti nick thief (the tag does not comtain [ and ])
NDP: Added double panel preferences for web interface preferences
NAFC: fixed first ip chioce faild under some conditions

WC: updated
BC: added obtional auto MSS
WAM: updated
NBC: changed conection management factor to float for beter customisability
OCC: fixed critical bun in cunstomisation setting
NCAP: added limit factor setting
SSD: fixed a bug shared sub directories in combination with the share tree
NSC: add new stared files automaticly to the right owner category

NRT: added relativ upload priority for categories
NCAP: added dynamic auto priorityies basing on global source amount

RC4: fixed critical bug
Chenged CheckMenu to SetMenuBitmap with the negativ image, looks better
SS: Resume specs obtional only for static ip sources (better acuracy)
NBCs: extended scheduler for neo BC
SC: added susupend download (means disable source search)
AU: added obtional runtime update

Added Safe nick, use cstring for nick, just in case

LC: fixed lan bandwidth speed setting bug

ARGOS: Added a DLP (Dynamic Leecher Protection), idea by Xman (Xtrem mod)

MOD: added nice hash from ionix
SS: Obtional exclude stored (old) file status from file dieplay
SS: Dual Linked Table Gravity by factor for beter precision

SS: obtional storage bootstrap to reduce unned server/kad overhead
FSI: added full status sopport for standby files
MCM: Fixed a trivial bug

ARGOS: added spam detection
ARGOS: Anti XS exploid from XMan/Wizard
ARGOS: Check hello packets (order, bad tags, extra bytes)
ARGOS: Now some settings can be used even when argos is disabled
ARGOS: changed some details in data structures
ARGOS: added argos ban statistic
ARGOS: added argos info list column
ARGOS: improved fake client software detection

Shareaza download import

NB: Fixed neo backup for source files
SS: Now you can import/export sources for more the one file
MTD/PIX: now only one file operation at a time alowed
VOODOO: Voodoo files can now completly virtual
VOODOO: Master can now update shaves known file list

01.11.2005 and bevoure
VOODOO: Added auto reconect on connection lost
VOODOO: Added show master in voodoo list
SS: Reworked port integrity check, random port sources are now usable
SS: fixed some ip table handling bugs
SS: Changed Max Midle Discrepance is now spliten into two values for up and down discrepance
SS: changed 2 tables grants at least type 1 quality
SS: Added Unpredicted propability for unknown sources with only one ip table
SS: Added new propability tybe "enhanced" costomisable ith a factor
SS: changed propability type settings now instad of (auto;normal) now (normal;high;auto;enhanced)
SS: Added setting for linked propability
SS: Added negativ propability (propability of unavalibility)
SS: Added propability magnifyer for recently seen sources
SS: Fixed a bug that undet certain condition may caused feask of mor sources that seted in th elimit
SS: Reworked the inteligend reask manager
ARGOS: Added anti Cue/Bin hack idea from Maella (Close Backdoor)
ARGOS: fixed a bug that may lat a banned cleint into upload
PTM: ptm now works without NXI so its anonym mode conform
MAC: fixed some minor bugs
SEF: fixed some bugs
NSK: GetSourceCount()->GetActiveSourceCount() to now susupended sources won't affect the source searches
NSC: fixed a reload bug
ML: fixed missing set max mod log file size/format
MTD: fixed major bug in default dir selection
NST: fixed a bug that blocks manual XS when global disabled
BC: reworked Connection Management, now customicable with additional factor
OCC: customizable
WAM: Addd Web Interface Account Management from ionix
WCS: Added Web Interface Cookie Settings from ionix
RT: fixed bug in QueueListCtrl in priority display
PP: fixed some bugs
NCS: Fixed some major bugs
BC: reworked slot management

Neo Mule 4.0 Feature Liste

Primary Neo features:
Original Neo Features:
NSA – [NeoSourceAnalyser) The system analyse the IP-behavior of the clients and determinate the probability to find them with the same IP after a longer break. This system is part of the Neo Source Storage System m
NSK – [NeoSourceKeeper] Sources are no longer deleted after failed connection attempts they get one of the Suspended States (DS_UNREACHABLE). Primary this system is used by Source Storage. It’s not necessary if the client database is active.
NCD – [NeoClientDatabase] IP list and file database for all known sources. Primary use of the database is the allocation of the IP-tables for source IP analyser.
SHM – [SourceHashMonitor] Client hash change monitor. Primary use is the control of the client shash change to save the integrity of the client database. Secondary the system is used for Argos.
NSD – [NeoSourceDrop] In fact Source Cleanup. Required for Neo source Keeper and Neo Source Storage. It is designed to delete not needed sources with a suspended status.
SFL – [SourceFileList] In this list is saved which files were seen by which clients. Used for Source Storage, search.
NPT – [NeoPartTraffic] Neo Part Traffic is almost completely redesigned. Basing on a old implementation from xrmb
IPS – [IntellegintPartSharing] Intelligent part sharing replaces Hide OS and Share only the need. The system is full more perfect then the other solutions named above. It can be configured more flexible. The spread possibilities are also able to handle heavy shared files because a relative division as over shared/availably calculate method can be used instead of a static difference.
RPS – [RealPartStatus] New protocol extension. Announce the status of the chunks administrated by IPS (Intelligent Part Sharing)
RT – [ReleaseTweaks] Generally a release priority like powershare but the base functionality is different. Neo system is much more flexible configurable for each file individually.
NB – [NeoBackup] Extended file backup. Is highly flexibel configurable and also includes auto restore functionality.
NA – [NeoArgos] Neo anti Leecher System. The behaviour analyse methods are partly from S.N.A.F.U include also Anti Nick/Mod thief (WiZaRd) and Anti-Ghost Mode. The mod detections methods Nick/Mod String and Opcode are swapped out to a separate thread to reduce the CPU load. The leecher list is in a external file leechers.dat the entries are CRC protected.
VOODOO - [UniversalPartFileInterface] With this feature you can link clients so that only one client have the real files, the rest is using his files via network. This feature can be also used for Bittorent support you only need an adapted Bittorent client.

Improved Neo Features:
NBC – [NeoBandwithcontroll] Neo Bandwith Control is based on Pawcio Bandwith Control but more flexible and includes NAFC.
NAFC – [NetworkAdapterFeedbackControl] Own implementation of NAFC.
PIX – [PartImportExport] Neo Part Import/export is a own implementation and has much advantages opposite to the actual popular system. The parts have not to be arranged sequential in the file which want to be imported. The system can import the parts in any order whereby single parts can be imported. Furthermore the system can export any part in a file.
NLC – [NeoLanCast] Neo Lancast 2.0. the new version includes a active source searching and file searching by keyword. AND, OR, NOT are supported as well as filesize, availability and other prosperities.
MTD – [MultiTempDirectories] Own implementation of different temp folders. New downloads can be set automatcly or manualy to the chosen folder. Existing downloads can be moved to new folder during runtime.

Secondary Neo Features:
Original Neo Features:
NST – [NeoSourceTweaks] Source limits and similar can be set for each file individualy.
DR – [DownloadReask] Download reask setting can be set for each file individualy
NCFG – [NeoConfiguration] Save Load Prefs, not new.
FCFG – [FileConfiguration] A lot of settings can be set for each file seperatly will be saved in *.neo and in knownprefs.met
ASL – [AutoSoftLock] The source search is turned off if a definite threshold of sources have the status „too many Connections“
MCS – [ManualChunkSlection] It can be set manually which chunks will be downloaded first
MPS – [ManualPartSharing] Manual Administration of chunks. Hide/block isn’t recommended this work canbe done by IPS much more efficient.
EGS – [ExtendedGlobalSearch] Global Search support now the Search more function
NCS – [NeoCreditSystem] Neo Credit System is only applied on clients that are sources. The advantage for the remote clients is low, but leechers are markedly handicapped.
NFS – [NeoScoreSystem] A Queue in which the importance of the waiting time in proportion to the credits increase exponential.
NSC – [NeoSharedCategories] The categories can be used also for completed files.

Improved Neo Features:
SP – [ShharedParts] the parts are shown in the shared file window
AKF – [AllknownFiles] a list of all known files can be displayed in the shared files list. Idea from xrmb
XC – [ExtendedComments] Extended commentary system: Version 2 from SF+ Neo Save Comments
MFSB – [MultifileStatusBars] Status bars also for A4AF files, Morph Mod
RFL – [RequestFileList] All files of a client are displayed include the files he ask for.
AHL – [AutoHardLimit] Auto hard limit, switch able between sivka and WiZaRd system
ICS – [IntelligentChunkSelection] The protocol extension incomplete Parts from enkeydev mod but advanced to Version 2.0
QS - [QuickStart] The connection limits are raised at start up. Own implementation
RIC – [ReaskonIDChange] Enhanced Reask on ID Change completely new coded. With possibility to notice the clients in Queue. Also works in Stand Alone Mode if NAFC is activ.
DS – [DropSources] Source dropping, own implementation includes the „Don’t ask this IP“ list from sivka (optional)

Secondary Neo Features:
Original Neo Features:
MCM – [ManualClientManagement] Manually A4Af managements of the clients
MSH - [ManualSourceHandling] Manually source enquiry to clients, server and kademlia
MDR - [ManualDownloadReask] Manually download enquiry for complete files
MCH - [ManualClientHandling] Manually reask/drop of clients also SX enquiry
NXI - [NeoExtraInfo] A Protocol extension which provide additional information from the client: Sui Status, File priority up/down, credit system, score, queue configuration, up time ....
MOD - [BindToAdapter] With this function the client can be instructed to use a defined network adapter
SD - [StandByDL] Downloads can be set to stand by status where sources are collected but now download is made.
TFL - [TetraFriendLinks] friends can be imported/exported with a link, implementation from tetrabin
Format: ed2k://|friend|nick|hash|/|addr,|/
MKN - [MergeKnown] Sounds common but it’s completely different.
PTM - [PrivatTransferManagement] - dont count download from friend slots to session ratio
pinger info to network dialog.
STI - [StaticTray] - Static Tray Icon, the icon is shown permanently.
LF -[ListFind] A text search for all lists.

Improved Neo Features:
MLD - [ModelesDialogs] Modeles Dialogues is based on the implementation from SF but with many updates and corrections
CQR - [CollorQueueRank] Queue Ranking is displayed collared
TQ - [TweakUploadQueue] Infinite Queue and Queue overflow.
NPC - [NeoPartCatch] hidden parts can be requested. This feature is using by Anti Hide Os and Real Part Status
SI - [SysInfo] CPU and memory ussage is displayed
OCC - [ObelixConnectionControl] if 75% of the connection limit is used the source searching is turned of temporary

Tertiary Neo Features:
Original Neo Features:
MOD - [PreAllocate] With this function the client can allocate the hard disk space for downloads.
MOD - [EscFix] Client no longer minimize if ESC is pressed.
MOD - [PrefCloseFix] Set Up is only saved if OK is pressed.
MOD - [CancelKademliaSeartch] KAD searchs can be cancelled manually
NRT - [NeoReleaserTweaks] Some menues in shared files window. Clear statistic ect.
MOD - [MoreSearchColors] some more colors for search resluts
NV - [NeoVersion] Neo Version, window title usw…
ND - [NeoDebug] some things to debugg

Improved Neo Features:
NTS - [NeoTreeStyle] GUI extension in the download/shared file list, from Plus Mod
MOD - [NeoStats] more Statistic Graphs, overhead, NAFC, UL/DL Limit, SysInfo

Common Features:
MAC - [MorphA4AFCategories] Extended category support from the Morph mod
FC - [FakeCheck] checks files on a list of know fakes and when found shows a comment
IP2C - [IPtoCountry] shows country flag and mane of users/servers
ASF - [AdvancedServerFilter] advanced server filtering from Av3k + don't remove static servers + don't add servers automaticly
AU - [AutoUpdate] IPfilter, known leehcers list, fake list, country ip list can be updated automaticly
SAX - [ServerAUX] alternatis server port
EFT - [ed2kFileType] show file stn the shared tree in grouped by types
MID - […] Mod ID functionality
MDS - [ManualDropSources] Manually dropping of sources
MOD - [ChunkSelection] selection of the Chunk request method for each file individually: official, ICS, rare chunks v4.
MOD - [NeoMenus] The Menues
SSP - [ShowSharePermissions] The view share setting can be set for each file separately. From xmod. Wit h modifications to solve problems in the original
KAX - [KadAuxPort] optional extra port for KAD. Own implementation. Idea from ewombat mod
TCR - [TCPConnectionRetry] TCP connection retry from Extrem Mod
XSF - [ExtendedSharedFiles] Extended Shared Files Functionality from SF.
VSF - [VirtualSharedFiles] The Path’s and Filenames of the shared files can be changed virtually. From FS
SSD - [ShareSubDirectories] Shared Sub Directories from SF
EDT - [EstimatedDownloadTime] Estimated download time from enkeyDEV Mod
L2H - [LowID2HighIDAutoCallback] Low ID to High ID auto Call-back from enkeyDEV Mod
AHOS - [AntiHideOS] Anti Hide OS from Net finity MOD, negligible modified
WC - [WebCache] Webcache 2.0 implementation from IoNiX Mod
SC - [SeartchCatch] Search Catch from SF
XUC - [ExtendedUdpCatch] Extended Udp Catch from SF
SR - [SpreadReask] Spread reask from SF
SQ - [SaveUploadQueue] Saving Upload Queue Waiting Time from moonlight
MQ - [MultiQueue] One Queue for each file. Idea from bloodymad
RQ - [RandomQueue] Clients are taken almost random from queue. Good for releaser. From SF
MC - [MetCredits] New format for clients.met file from SF, negligibly modified and optimized
RSR - [RemoteScoreRatio] Display of the remote score, very easy
MOD - [SeeTheNeed] GUI Extension from Morph.
PP - [PasswordProtection] Password protection for the file list, only lokal, TBH mod
SEF - [ShareAlsoEmptyFiles] Empty Part Files are displayed in shared files, by default only displayed not published.
SS - [SplashScreen] Splash screen from TBH mod, little changes
MM - [NeoMiniMule] Neo Minimule, like TBH Minimule
ML - [ModLog] Modlog
WS2 - [WINSOCK2] Ewombat WinShock2
MOD - [HashProgres] Hash progress is shown in status bar from O2 mod
NCAP - [NeoCustomAutoPriority] The Thresholds for Auto Priority can be set up manually
OCF - [OnlyCompleetFiles] if for a file no complete source is available the file wouldnR17;t be downloaded. This safe hard disc space.
MOD - [ChunkDots] GUI extension SF
MOD - [ConfirmedDownload] GUI extension from ZZ
FSI - [FileStatusIcons] File Status icons from Plus Mod
RC4 - [RareChunksV4] Rare Chunks v4, needed for the possibility to load the file from a defined point
PRSF - [PushSmallRareFiles] Small and/or rare files are pushed, from SF
NI - [NewIcons] new client icons usw…
PSM - [PlusSpeedMeter] Speed Meter Toolbar from Plus Mode
SE - [SortExtension] Disable auto sort, and only sort clients
IM - [InvisibelMode] Client is invisible on desktop and can be called with a hot key combination
RLD - [ReconnectOnLowID] Reconnect if getting a low ID.
MOD - [CustomUlSlots] Min/Max upload slots adjustable
MOD - [ReloadSharedOnMissing] if a file which is known as shared wasn’t found the list will be generated new.
NPS - [NeoPlusStyle] List style from plus mode for transfer and shared window
MOD - [ClientsDetails] more pages in client details window
NSB - [SlideBar] 2 categories List with Set-Up Pages from Plus Mod
NPB - [PrefsBanner] Banner in preferences
NCI - [NewClientIcons] new icons for Client
[edit by Pathfinder: Post redesigned und aktualisiert]

Geändert von DavidXanatos (1. April 2006 um 21:46 Uhr)
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Alt 24. March 2006, 23:53   #2
Board Profi
Benutzerbild von seppl12
Registriert seit: 22.05.2005
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Hallo David,

schön, das du deinen Mod auch auf diesem Board präsentiertst und Danke für den tollen Mod.

Gruß, Seppl

Official eMule@Boinc Teams - Seti, Predictor, Climateprediction and Einstein
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Alt 24. March 2006, 23:58   #3
Benutzerbild von Stulle
Registriert seit: 08.04.2004
Beiträge: 7.035

Standard: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] Details

Welcome! Nochmal ein herzliches Danke für deine Änderung während der vergangenen Zeit.

MFG Stulle

Here comes the Kaiser Von Shizer! Oufweidersehen. with Hanzel und Gretyl

Ja, ich bin Misanthrop!
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Alt 25. March 2006, 00:59   #4
Board Methusalem
Benutzerbild von aalerich
Registriert seit: 31.05.2004
Beiträge: 2.800
Standard: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] Lösung: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006]

Seit Ewigkeiten schon will ich mich in den Neo mal einarbeiten, mich durch die umfangreiche Dokumentation und die unzähligen Optionen durchkämpfen... Wenn ich bloß nicht so faul wäre...

Besserung gelobend
Der Router ist schuld!
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Alt 25. March 2006, 02:09   #5
Benutzerbild von mav744
Registriert seit: 20.11.2004
Beiträge: 886

Standard: eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] eMule 0.47c Neo Mule 4.25 [10.10.2006] [gelöst]

aalerich und faul ? Das ist mir irgendwie neu, aber ich habs auch mal versucht und bin gescheitert, man an dem Neo kannste jedes Rad drehen und stelle mal was ausversehen falsch ein. Die Doku die ich kenne, war nicht auf dem neuesten Stan, also nur für die wichtigen Sachen zu gebrauchen, aber nicht für das feintunig. Es kann aber sein das diese von David und seinen Kollegen schon geändert wurde. Einen Blick werde ich auf jedenfall im Laufe des WE riskieren

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Das Muli ist kein Porsche auch langsam kommt man an das Ziel (Geduld Zahlt sich immer aus)
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Alt 25. March 2006, 09:12   #6
Advanced Member
Benutzerbild von Jicksaw
Registriert seit: 25.02.2006
Beiträge: 135

Welcome David!!
Ich konnte es gestern noch gar nicht glauben, aber es ist wohl wirklichkeit, nun ist der Neo auch hier gelandet!
Dann werd ich mich doch noch mal in den Neo einarbeiten!
Da werden mit Sicherheit richtig viele Fragen zu beantworten sein!

Jicksaw ist offline   Mit Zitat antworten
Alt 25. March 2006, 10:14   #7
Benutzerbild von Xman
Registriert seit: 28.03.2003
Beiträge: 5.800

schön, daß Du Dich aus dem "Underground" des Boards empor bewegst, David
Viel Erfolg mit Deinem Mod.
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Alt 25. March 2006, 11:11   #8
The Machine =)
Benutzerbild von Pathfinder
Registriert seit: 19.08.2003
Beiträge: 4.023

Was soll ich denn jetzt davon halten? Stand der Dinge hier auf dem Board ist: der Neo Mule ist nicht zugelassen. Und das ist auch leicht für jeden nachzulesen.

Ich bin gerne bereit meine Meinung zu überdenken, da der MOD seit seinem "Revival" mit Version 4 die Zeit hatte sich als sauber zu beweisen. Mir ist nicht entgangen, dass einige unserer MODder entgegen früherer Auseinandersetzungen mittlerweile ein gutes Verhältnis zu dir, David, haben und du seit dem auch bei uns angemeldet bist.

Aus diesem Grund wäre ich gerne vor der Erstellung dieses Threads gefragt worden, immerhin obliegt es derzeit ausschließlich mir zu entscheiden welche MODs hier Support erfahren und welche nicht. Ist etwa kein gutes Verhältnis zur Boardleitung angestrebt? Warum der Versuch mich auf diese Weise zu übergehen? Warum ist es nicht einmal möglich den Thread entsprechend den Gepflogenheiten hier zu formatieren?

Gründe genug diesen Thread kommentarlos zu tonnen. Da mir die User dieses Forums allerdings mehr am Herzen liegen als mein eigener Stolz und ich den Antworten entnehmen kann dass ihr den Neo Mule hier supportet sehen möchtet werde ich ihn hiermit ab sofort zulassen.

Damit auch offiziell: willkommen an Board, DavidXanatos!

Ich bitte dich in deinem ersten Post noch die Changelogs bis zur Version 4.0 nachzutragen.

[Threadüberschrift/Symbol angepasst]
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Alt 25. March 2006, 15:14   #9
Advanced Member
Benutzerbild von Jicksaw
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Beiträge: 135

Was soll ich denn jetzt davon halten? Stand der Dinge hier auf dem Board ist: der Neo Mule ist nicht zugelassen. Und das ist auch leicht für jeden nachzulesen.
Deshalb meine Verwunderung als ich das gestern gelesen habe, umso schöner deine Reaktion!!
Ich denke David hat sich mittlerweile eine Chance verdient, hoffentlich nutzt er sie (davon gehe ich aus).

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Alt 25. March 2006, 18:06   #10
Board Methusalem
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Also ganz im Ernst, wenn ich jemals wegen eines Postes hier auf dem Board blöde aus der Wäsche gekuckt habe, dann wegen Deines Postes, Pathfinder .

Ohne jetzt nachzusehen weiß ich, daß irgendwo in den Boardregeln sinngemäß steht, alle auf dem offiziellen Board zugelassenen Mods sind grundsätzlich auch hier zugelassen. Ich wäre auch nicht auf die Idee gekommen, daß der Neo immer noch nicht willkommen ist, ich hätte auch nicht vorher gefragt und wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen, daß das als "Hintergehungsversuch" interpretiert werden könnte.

Verwundert (und auch verärgert, weil ich die Unfreundlichkeit für ungerechtfertigt halte, daraus will ich gar keinen Hehl machen) grüßend
Der Router ist schuld!
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Alt 25. March 2006, 18:20   #11
Board Profi
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aalerich, man kanns auch anders sehen ... konsequentes Handeln!

Immerhin war der Neo von diesem Board verbannt. Auch auf dem Offiziellen wurde David's Releasethread zunächst einmal versteckt, bis er mit Ornis das wegen der Zweitversion geklärt hatte.

Ich glaub nicht, das David das in den falschen Hals bekommt, immerhin ist er Erwachsen.

Da orientiere ich mich lieber an diesem und schließe mich an:
Zitat von Pathfinder
Damit auch offiziell: willkommen an Board, DavidXanatos!
Official eMule@Boinc Teams - Seti, Predictor, Climateprediction and Einstein
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Alt 26. March 2006, 09:07   #12
The Machine =)
Benutzerbild von Pathfinder
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Beiträge: 4.023

Zitat von aalerich
Ohne jetzt nachzusehen weiß ich, daß irgendwo in den Boardregeln sinngemäß steht, alle auf dem offiziellen Board zugelassenen Mods sind grundsätzlich auch hier zugelassen.
Das ist richtig. Grundsätzlich ja, außer sie sind bewusst nicht zugelassen - und das war als letzter Stand öffentlich dokumentiert. Im Prinzip ist dieser Passus in den Rules eh Überarbeitungswürdig, denn in der Praxis haben wir meist andere Kriterien angewandt als das offizielle Board.
Aber lassen wir das, meine Entscheidung steht, für weitere Diskussionen ist das der falsche Ort.
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Alt 31. March 2006, 18:36   #13
Advanced Member
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Ort: Dortmund
Beiträge: 113

Zitat von aalerich
Seit Ewigkeiten schon will ich mich in den Neo mal einarbeiten, mich durch die umfangreiche Dokumentation und die unzähligen Optionen durchkämpfen... Wenn ich bloß nicht so faul wäre...

Besserung gelobend
dem kann ich mich nur anschließen!

Habe es aber nun geschafft, den Neo zu installieren, und habe sogar die Doku durchgearbeitet...
Leider hat sich seit der 4.00, welche auf www.neomule.tk beschrieben wird, so viel getan, dass
immer noch ein Großteil der Fkt. (für mich) unklar sind... - Gibt es schon eine aktuellere Version der Doku?

Eine Frage will ich aber gleich 'mal loswerden:
Wozu dienen die Punkte "Network settings" - "Network adapter feedback control",
wenn man NAFC doch erst unter "Bandwidth Control" aktivieren muß?
(mir scheint da irgendwas doppelt zu sein..)

Ansonsten fällt mir leider negativ auf, dass der Neo nur sehr wenige Qellen findet,
bzw., trotz weniger Quellen insgesamt, viele Files nach längerer Zeit noch komplett rot sind...
(Habe erstmal fast alles auf Default belasen in den Neo-Einstellungen)

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Alt 1. April 2006, 01:10   #14
Board Methusalem
Benutzerbild von aalerich
Registriert seit: 31.05.2004
Beiträge: 2.800

Ein bißchen doppelt gemoppelt ist das schon, unter Network settings stellt man es ein und unter Bandwiith control schaltet man es an oder ab.

Beim Quellensystem des Neo sehe ich auch noch nicht so richtig durch, vielleicht müßte ich ihn mal längere Zeit laufen lassen. Das will ich aber erst, wenn ich relativ gut durchblicke...

Die Dokumentation wird wohl im Moment nicht mehr gepflegt und ist daher nicht ganz auf dem aktuellen Stand. Im Grunde geht es aber, zwischen der beschriebenen 4.0 und der aktuellen 4.11 liegen nicht wirklich Welten.

Von den Defaulteinstellungen muß ich dringend abraten, ich zumindest habe fast zwei Stunden gebraucht, mithilfe der Dokumentation den Mod einzustellen. Ob diese meine Einstellungen nun nahezu optimal sind weiß ich mangels Langzeitlauferfahrung noch nicht, es gab aber schon eine Reihe von Grundeinstellungen, die ich für mich oder auch generell für falsch bzw. ungünstig halte.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Der Router ist schuld!
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Alt 1. April 2006, 14:25   #15
Advanced Member
Registriert seit: 26.05.2004
Ort: Dortmund
Beiträge: 113

Zitat von aalerich
Von den Defaulteinstellungen muß ich dringend abraten, ich zumindest habe fast zwei Stunden gebraucht, mithilfe der Dokumentation den Mod einzustellen. Ob diese meine Einstellungen nun nahezu optimal sind weiß ich mangels Langzeitlauferfahrung noch nicht, es gab aber schon eine Reihe von Grundeinstellungen, die ich für mich oder auch generell für falsch bzw. ungünstig halte.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Habe den Mod noch einmal neu installiert, und siehe da:
die Quellenfindung funktioniert wieder normal! - hatte wohl irgendwas "kaputt konfiguriert"...

Den jetzt "perfekt" auf's eigene System zu konfigurieren und alle Optionen (na ja, zumindest die wichtigsten) zu verstehen,
dürfte wohl aber noch einige Zeit dauern...
habe auch schon mehrere Stunden mit den Optionen und der Doku nebenher verbracht...
- aber genau den Mod habe ich ja gesucht:
einen an dem man sich beim konfigurieren so richtig die Zähne ausbeißen kann...

Ein bißchen doppelt gemoppelt ist das schon, unter Network settings stellt man es ein und unter Bandwiith control schaltet man es an oder ab.
Hmm, ich versteh' immer noch nicht, was der Schalter "Enable NAFC" unter den "Network settings" dann bewirken soll?

Desweiteren ist mein Upload (mit NAFC) immer ~ 1Kbyte geringer als unter "NAFC Control" angegeben...
muß der "Max. Upload" darunter vielleicht höher eingestellt sein?

Macht es bei der Komplexität des Mods vielleicht Sinn einen eigenen Thread zu seinen Upload-Features aufzumachen?
- mit denen wollte ich nämlich als erstes genauer experimentieren...

Hiwi ist offline   Mit Zitat antworten



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