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Alt 3. August 2004, 10:35   #1
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Standard: How to install & use Sivka-MOD (v13b2)? Problem: How to install & use Sivka-MOD (v13b2)?

Hi, I can't Speak German. I need some help with the Sivka Mod

1 - There are 3 rar files to download. win9-x, src-update, and misc. Is it enough just to unzip the win9-x to use the Sivka with full functionality? What do the other two do? If I have to unzip them as well, to which directory under win9-x directory should I unzip them?

2 - How do you use the extended sivka file settings. I have specified the frequency that Sivka would check and drop NNS, HQS and others. I guess it is activated by right clicking on the file and then clicking on Sivka File Settings. I did that, checked all the boxes and pressed take over but to no effect. I am using the latest Sivka Mod.

There are probably several answers to these questions in the forum but like I said, I can't speak German, which is quite troublesome.

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Alt 3. August 2004, 11:05   #2
The Machine =)
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Welcome aboard, yeghor!

The Win9x-bin.rar is for Windows 9x and ME, you'll need the NT-bin.rar if you are running Win XP or 2000. The suitable bin-file for your OS, containing just the exe-file, is enough to get all the Sivka-power. Just run the exe in a new folder and it will create all the other files needed.

The misc.bin contains the web-server-files, some legal texts and documentation, plus a few supporting files i.e. the ipfilter.dat. If you are new to eMule you should use them. If you have used the original version of eMule or another MOD before, you might want to use your old config-files instead. The misc.rar is to be extracted so that the txt-files end up on the same directory-level as the exe, with webserver and config being subdirectories.

Understanding the extended file settings can be a bit tricky. The settings in the preferences are used to set the default values. Newly added downloads automatically use them. If you want to change the settings for one or more files, you choose Sivka file settings from the pop-up menu (right-click on the selected file(s)). In the file-settings window you check the boxes for the settings to change, which activates the corresponding input fields. You then enter a new value, press take over and leave the dialog window with close. The default-button resets the values to the ones specified in the preferences.

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Alt 3. August 2004, 11:29   #3
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Standard: How to install & use Sivka-MOD (v13b2)? How to install & use Sivka-MOD (v13b2)? Details

The problem is I indeed have an XP installed. Probably, that's why Sivka was not functioning properly. I'll go and install the NT version of Sivka.

Thanks and all the best Pathfinder.

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